“Granddaughter told me what she tells them at school.” Revelation. Numbers for Fiala


In recent weeks, how did the performance of Prime Minister Petr Fiala affect you? Is he consistent or losing?

(Laughter.) I think that the behavior of the Prime Minister is very bad. In my opinion the advisers who tell him what to do etc are either bad advisers or the prime minister. I do not know. But what does it do anyway? How was he on those shopping sprees etc.?

Of course, it could not be overlooked…

Ježišmarjá, after all, he is already halfway through the season and everyone is warning him that Prouza, which runs Lidl and the retailers, that the prices are increasing, that there is an agreement between the retailers and the chains, are keeping the prices at the same level. Such talk that things are somehow getting better? I go shopping every day because I have a sick wife, so I see how they just add it, every week there is a crown or fifty pennies, it doesn’t matter. Prices just don’t go down. If I go to buy tomatoes and they cost eighty-five crowns a kilo? Really a little weird.

In what does he make the biggest mistakes on the outside and what is his plus point?

He is a notorious liar. Either he doesn’t realize what he’s going to say and will change it completely in a year? He shouldn’t do this to people. I understand that it is a difficult situation. Ukraine and god knows what! But he shouldn’t lie! Those who advise him in public relations? So they should realize that the worst thing they can do is lie. It is far better to admit a mistake, but they don’t admit mistakes and pile one mistake after another.

Which of those mistakes seemed fatal to you?

If I say I’m not going to raise taxes and then I raise them, that’s wrong. If I start with the most endangered group, and that is the elderly, and take away their valorization, etc.? I think that now, if there was a plebiscite, a referendum on how satisfied you are with the current government, they would end up like the peasants near Chlumec.

Polls indicate a certain decline, in any case, no one knows again if the coalition will go TOGETHER in the parliamentary elections? He goes to the European elections.


Is the comparison between Petr Fiala and Miloš Jakeš exaggerated?

voted: 7049 people

That’s awful. He destroyed the brand, and he is destroying the ODS brand and building a new TOGETHER brand, and this is very dangerous, because then anyone can withdraw from the TOGETHER and go away and destroy the established brand in marketing, and ODS was a good brand. Today it is a brand that is falling more and more into oblivion.

Do you think the move to go to the European elections under this brand was a good one or not?

I think this is just proof that they want to hold on at all costs. They play for months in the hope that something will turn around, that some big change will come, that things will somehow come together economically here. Bad calculation. They don’t have the people to do it. Those who decide what will be done blindly listen to what they are told from Brussels, Washington or simply from somewhere else.

If I generalize, how do you think the transformations of the media or, say, the public media, will go?

I think the problem is called the young generation. The young generation does not listen to these mainstream radios and televisions at all. This is where things get a little messy. They are concentrating now on schools. They know that the next election or the next election will depend terribly on young people. Young people will try to fool themselves. They already have political scientists etc. in the school, which is terrible. If I teach about any politics in schools? So where are we? After all, they are breaking the laws of this country.

Some lectures or discussions…

I have granddaughters etc. and one said to me: But grandpa, we have political scientists and they explain to us about statistics, statistics don’t lie and they all speak for the current government. That means they will try to fool this generation.

So about thirty years ago, it was clear that the future belongs to the Internet, as far as the source of information is concerned, and this thesis could be sustained for some time.

Sure, but that’s exactly why everyone will want to limit it more and more, so all the internet companies can sit down and say: Guys and girls, let’s make a code of ethics and don’t let these governments talk to us, because what are we going to talk about, governments not only in the Czech Republic, but also in other countries, they control or have controlled people who probably shouldn’t be there, they are no professionals. Did they do it to make some money, but to serve the nations etc.? Well, I think not. Here the big national corporations start to control everything and these politicians dance as they want. That is the end of the Christian-Jewish civilization, in my opinion it is coming to an end.

In conclusion and the future of artificial intelligence?

I don’t understand that and I think it’s the road that leads to hell. He will think for you, he can write you an article and god knows what. The whole education system is going to hell, it’s a decline. We should think about it.

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author: Daniela Black

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