Highlights of the week: The fate of Jiskra barracks, scouts with floorballs and animal cemeteries

Highlights of the week: The fate of Jiskra barracks, scouts with floorballs and animal cemeteries
Highlights of the week: The fate of Jiskra barracks, scouts with floorballs and animal cemeteries

Let’s take a look back at the past week in our regular Highlights of the Week column. What important things happened in Olomouc and the Olomouc Region? What should you not miss?

Instead of trade with poverty, social services. We know what will happen to the Jiskr Barracks area (Monday 6 November)

A new social services building designed not only for the Olomouc Charity will be built on Pasteurova Street in Olomouc. The representatives of the city, together with representatives of the charity, have already presented the spatial study to the locals. The first building of the facility could be completed within five years. More info.

Frequent delays between Olomouc and Šumperk. The region is solving the problems with the new line (Tuesday 7 November)

Delays or interruptions in connections. Passengers on trains on the route Olomouc – Uničov – Šumperk are facing this more and more often. According to the Olomouc governorship, the complication is caused by the breakdown of the ETCS security device on the track, but also to a lesser extent by train failures. More info.

The pet will be buried by experts. The city is preparing an animal burial ground (Wednesday 8 November)

In place of the illegal burial site, an animal cemetery will be established under the administration of the city. The city of Přerov is thus responding to the demand of the locals, who until now placed their deceased pets behind the cemetery wall. More info.

With scout scarf and floor ball. How a new club is created in Olomouc (Thursday November 9)

The year is 2008 and the idea of ​​founding an amateur floorball club is born among the Olomouc scouts and in the head of Jan Ševčík. The years go by and Saros Olomouc is gradually turning from friendly slapping the ball into a functioning floorball club, step by step. “We have a vision and a desire to move forward, we do it for fun and with a group of friends,” says Václav Venkrbec, official chairman of Saros from 2021. Two years later, two adult teams are playing under the banner of the Olomouc club, and the first children’s categories are being created. More info.

Doctors will also strike in Olomouc. What does this mean for patients? (Friday 10 November)

The section of young doctors of the Czech Medical Chamber (ČLK) has planned a warning strike for December. In an attempt to avert the strike, the Ministry of Health promised to cancel the overtime amendment, but the strike will still take place. The doctors’ protest will also affect some hospitals in the Olomouc Region. More info.

Instead of cottages, flood protection measures. Construction will begin in the spring (Friday 10 November)

Povodí Morava is preparing the next stage of flood protection measures of the city of Olomouc. The protection of the development of parts of Nemilany and Nový Svět is to be solved by IV. And the stage, Povodí Morava selected its contractor at the end of October. More info.

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