VIDEO: Tens of millions of crowns will go into the repairs of three large panel houses with peacocks


Most – The Mostecká bytová company is investing heavily in the improvement of three apartment buildings intended for seniors’ housing in Most between U Parku, Višňová and Růžová streets.

“The main event we are planning and which will start next year will be the comprehensive insulation of all three buildings. It will include roofing, that is, overhauling the roof sheathing, removing the old degraded insulation and installing a new one. Including, of course, the color solution,” states the director of Mostecká bytová, Jaroslav Kudrlička.

Now the houses are known for their large peacock motifs. It is not yet known what the new facade will look like.

In one of the houses, the replacement of electrical wiring has already begun. “We are now changing the riser distribution of common areas, electricity. Including switchboards up to the apartment,” said the director of the housing company.

This year, a public tender was held for the replacement of six elevators. At the beginning of November, the construction site was handed over, and after the new year, the actual exchange will start, so that the work does not interfere with the Christmas holidays.

It is also necessary to change some of the entrance doors to the apartment units.

Investments will total several tens of millions of crowns, the most expensive will be new insulation. “The important thing is that we will also try to get a subsidy, to reduce the energy demand, which in the sum of all three houses is tentatively around ten million crowns,” added Jaroslav Kudrlička.

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