160 children’s and student films from 21 countries are competing for the Animniks

160 children’s and student films from 21 countries are competing for the Animniks
160 children’s and student films from 21 countries are competing for the Animniks

Newbies will be able to try out animation in one of the many hands, and even the game is known as a board game. This year, we prepared a really large portion of palms and a workshop. Run for the entire duration of the festival, and both full-time students who want to try animation and experienced animators who have the opportunity to reach professional technologists through them can choose from them, said Animnie festival editor Lenka Pakov.

Gloves will offer you work with light in film, sand animation or Motion Capture, a technology that, with the help of a special suit covered with sensors, transfers the movement of the hunter to his digital model. You have to register for one of the days, others will be open on a rolling basis.

An international jury will decide on these

The film program invites you to an inspiring evening of news for the whole family. This includes, for example, the films Tonda, Slvka and the magic light, Myka and the bear on the roads or Mikulov patlie. It will present a combination of images from the upcoming generation of FAMU Four and this voice, virtual reality in the interactive animated film Tmn, jewels from the archive and Jan vankmajer’s Kunstkamera footage.

The ceremonial opening of the 18th day of the Animnia Festival will take place on Thursday, November 16, from 7 p.m. ALFA Theater actor Daniel Horen will be the moderator, and the audience can also attend a screening of Pavly Batanov’s short film O krv. Free entry.

Blocks of contemporary short films from around the world will be shown free of charge every day at the festival. A total of 159 films created by children, young people and students under the age of 26 from 21 countries will compete for the Animnika festival prize, the author of which this year is the artist Adam Paulus. They will compete in these categories and will be decided by an international jury composed of: Eva Gubov, a stichaka, long-time head of the Animation Studio of Film and Television Production of the VMU Faculty in Bratislava, short film creator Magdalena Hejzlarov and producer Martin Vandas.

The awards will be presented on November 19 at 4 p.m. and the ceremony will be followed by a screening of the respective films. Children’s and student juries also give out prizes. The Honza Phoda Prize will be awarded in memory of the longtime editor of the Animnia Festival and the divk Prize.

A festival organized by the Animnie association, which will take place all year round with film and audio-visual education. Over the course of the year, workshops, programs and seminars for children, students, teachers and families. This year, too, there will be no shortage of a pedagogical program that will teach the Germans how to learn about film.

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