How the children in the golden caves

How the children in the golden caves
How the children in the golden caves

The Edel Sanatorium in Zlaty Horch na Jesenice is a private children’s hospital for respiratory diseases. To lb train a unique speleotherapy. Here, however, the caves were not created by natural development, but remained gold deposits until modern times. According to studies conducted, the effect of speleotherapy lasts for approximately nine months, according to the doctor of the Edel Barbora Gerov Sanatorium.

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Which respiratory disease is not the most common?

In the brain we are turned into a sick breathing machine. These are, for example, repeated rhyming, nasopharyngeal inflammation, angina, middle inflammation, catarrh of the upper and lower respiratory tract, and inflammation of the lungs. Allergy sufferers, children with cystic fibrosis, children after prolonged PIMS and other mild asthmatic respiratory diseases also come to us. In the case of complicated processes, for example pneumonia with subsequent surgical intervention, we try to admit the patient as quickly as possible for early respiratory rehabilitation.

How did the speleotherapy at the Edel sanatorium actually go and what is its place in the linen?

Children from two to eighteen years of age can be affected by the respiratory disease. The skull is replaced by respiratory rehabilitation, regular inhalation of Vincentka, climatotherapy, ventilation and speleotherapy. Children have effective connection of respiratory muscles, correct core of the body and strengthening of the muscle corset. We will use a variety of rehabilitation tools and techniques, examples of which are shown to the parents are vibratory meats, flour mills and portable portable kettles. During their stay with us, the children will undergo speleotherapy. We are one of two workers in the Czech Republic using this method.

How is speleotherapy unique and how does it improve the child’s health?

Speleotherapy is a method that uses the specific conditions of the microclimate of underground spaces to improve the immune system. In our country, the word used to go with the palm of the hand. Celoron temperature here is seven and eight degrees Celsius. The microclimate of the underground environment is made up of aerosols. Among its positive features are five-year-round constant temperature, constant humidity of 97 and 98 percent, natural air exchange, an environment free of microbes, allergens, dust and fungal spores. In other words, speleotherapy contributes to the improvement of the body’s defenses and has a positive effect on ongoing acute respiratory diseases in the form of a mild course and shortening of the duration of the disease. According to studies, the effect of speleotherapy lasts for approximately nine months.

Do you rid your child of medications that often have side effects?

The head in our institution is complex and aims to reduce the morbidity of children and minimize long-term injuries in the future. After the first stay with us, the scalp effect was evident in the second case in the dream, the frequency of illness and the use of antibiotics in it. After repeated stays, the effect is noticeable, most visible on the reduction, and eventually the long-term therapy is stopped completely.

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