YES would win the election. But the ODS, the Pirates and the SPD strengthened

YES would win the election. But the ODS, the Pirates and the SPD strengthened
YES would win the election. But the ODS, the Pirates and the SPD strengthened

Compared to September, the winning ANO weakened by half a percentage point to 33 percent. The STAN movement, which received seven percent of the vote, would still lose.

On the contrary, all other entities that would fight their way into the Chamber of Deputies would strengthen compared to September. The Spolu coalition (ODS, TOP 09 and KDU-ČSL) would finish in second place with 21.5 percent, which is two percent more than in September. The third place Pirates would have two percentage points more, namely 10.5. The SPD would also win anyway.

If the parties ran independently, the ANO movement would be in first place with a gain of 32.5 percent of the vote. Even in this model, ANO lost a percentage point compared to last month.

Bartoš: The PirSTAN coalition will end together with this government, we paid a lot for it

In second place would be the strengthening ODS with 15.5 percent, followed by the Pirates and the SPD with 10.5 percent and the STAN movement with seven percent.

The leader of the Pirates, Ivan Bartoš, stated, as Novinky pointed out on Saturday, that his party will no longer form a coalition with the STAN movement until the parliamentary elections, as was the case in the last parliamentary elections in 2021. This was subsequently confirmed by the head of STAN, Vít Rakušan.

The current government TOP 09 with a gain of 4.5 percent would also end up below the five percent threshold needed for entry into the lower house of parliament, as would the People’s Party, which the October poll gave 2.5 percent.

In both models, i.e. including coalitions and without them, neither the Communists nor the Social Democrats with 3.5 percent would get into the House of Representatives.

Only 22% of people are satisfied

77 percent of respondents would be willing to go to the elections in October. A total of 55 percent of respondents said that they would definitely participate in the elections, another 22 percent answered that they would “rather yes.”

The current public opinion poll also shows that 22 percent of residents are satisfied with the current political situation, compared to 21 percent in September.

The survey was conducted between October 16 and November 3 on a sample of 1,200 respondents over the age of 18.

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