New Czechia! He dictates the pace, he wins. There was also a surprising scene with Jalonen


Earlier, one burning problem was being solved around the representation. How is it possible that you bring in players who collect points in their backpacks in Switzerland, Finland or Sweden and get stuck in the national team? As if they needed a Canadian or a Finn next to them. They didn’t do so well together. But the first action under coach Radim Rulík’s staff?

She dispelled the fear, twenty Czechs next to each other can also tear the nets. The song that “the guards should be called because the page has gone crazy” has been heard so often in Växjö and Tampere that it might start scoring points in the local charts.

“The boys worked as a team, helped each other, played together and we had excellent goalkeepers, thanks to which it turned out like this,” the coach remained calm.

Paradoxically, the team had the biggest task in Sunday’s final battle with the Swiss, who did not score a single point. “We had our heads set that we were going to win the third match as well. We were able to do it thanks to goalkeeper Dominik Pavlát, a 1:0 win is also very valuable,” said Rulík. The previous twelve goals to Sweden and Finland were again a big party.

Rulík’s way of fighting was quickly adopted by the players. Lots of movement, shooting, activity. And as a result, joy when everything fits together. “This is easier for me, I enjoy this kind of hockey, it suits me and I think it benefits our team overall,” forward David Tomášek reported.

He arrived as Färjestad’s ace and remained so in the national team. He started the first two games and scored three goals. Make a note, he can be a force to be reckoned with on the international stage as well. As if someone completely different played in his jersey at the last WC, as if Jalonen’s defensive chain blocked him enough.

The Czech hockey players are rejoicing over the only goal of the match against Switzerland, which was scored by Radan Lenc

Or Matěj Stránský! You wait years for him to unpack his talent in the national team. Or is it a question of setting up an appropriate environment for him? Against Finland he scored two goals, against Switzerland he charged Lenco. “I think his high pace helps him, he is adaptable. Matěj is a real shooter, a very dangerous player,” praised Rulík. Plus, you’ll enjoy when he works his long stick, steals pucks, crashes. Yes, it’s September in Davos, it’s also happening in the national team.

What Czech hockey did at the Karjala Cup can be illustrated by two details.

Before the match with Sweden, one open-minded organizer asked: “How do you see the match?” When he received the answer that the Czech Republic will play differently under the new coach, so a difficult prediction, he smiled: “We like the matches with you, they are big.” counter that they often go into it as favorites, he chuckled: “That’s why we say they’re big.”

After the match, you watched quite a passionate debate about what was wrong with the Swedish team. “Well, they were angry,” general manager Petr Nedvěd smiled with satisfaction when asked how his colleagues from the opposite camp reacted to being washed away by the national team. Quite frankly, after the Czech storm 4:0, the opponent was not eligible.

An even more interesting scene then took place in Finland.

From the World Cup, you are used to the whole team appearing in front of journalists, calmly explaining for an hour. Coach Jukka Jalonen comes with a briefcase where he carries his notes and maybe ten kilos in gold, which he took at all kinds of events.

After the 3:7 defeat by the Czech Republic, journalists waited for Jalonen for 40 minutes. “He’ll be here in fifteen to twenty minutes,” announced the spokeswoman. She arrived in half an hour and announced that nothing would come of it. “I’m sorry,” she said with Jalonen’s message that he had to go get ready for Sunday’s game against the Swedes. Take observations from television. As if the Finnish coach was afraid of unpleasant questions.

All this was caused by the Czech team at its first event under the leadership of Radim Rulík. He sent another important message to the European hockey community: we have changed, try to prepare better for us next time!

“What I appreciate the most is that we played in three different lineups, with three different captains, and he managed every game,” said the head coach. He experienced an ideal first tournament, he launched his mission in style. “It’s a nice bonus that we won the tournament. But mainly I would take it as motivation for further work,” said Tomášek. Rulík will like to read these sentences.

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