Krlovna vibrtor invented a cable car for Petn rdc. She turns red


Anna Mareov somehow saw the fate of the actor Karel Fiala, who ended up with the lifetime sticker of Limond’s Joe. The designer’s favorite blue cabriolet of the T3 tram, which stopped the crack of the track at five years old, again bears the label of the manufacturer of women’s erotic accessories.

In his favor is the fact that he listens to his vibrators, he doesn’t go around so that he doesn’t hurt her like that.

Visualization including the shape of the cable car

That’s how Anna entered another minefield, and that of Petnsk. If all the stars and conjunctions come together, in a few years the popular cable car from Nebozzek up to Petnsk hvzdrn will be run by a new cable car. That is, the cable car for them and their colleagues and the entire studio.

The one that is still there may have a new coat, but the chassis is from 1932, Mareov explains. The current cabins are from 1985, when the attraction was able to be reconstructed, so that trainees and trainees and non-trivials of those days could ride the Spartans and not have to climb the mountain.

Revealed. Anna Mareov during the ceremonial presentation of the cable car.

The new cabins, as you can remember, are new, but at first glance they are not revolutionary or design differences. Their shape respects the existing bodywork, the revolution is essentially in the glazing, including the roof. That umon views on and through it, not only as before only left and right or only dog ​​eln glass mainfry. What Mareov kept in mind during the design was the fact that it wouldn’t be a design year that excites us, like with cars, for two years, but then gets tired or even angry. What will drive up and down the Petna over the years is something in the spirit of Hako’s Party of little progress within the bounds of the law.

A new cable car is introduced. Visualization of how you will have fun after seventies.

The new thing inside are folding, not fixed, seats. People automatically stand up after the start of the cable car, so when the seat is folded down, it is in place, the designer presents some details. This is also the fact that after consultations with the Austrian-Austrian group Doppelmayr/Garaventa, which produced both cabins, the entire product will not differ from the design. What does not always happen in practice, when the creator has to give way to the technical monotony of the manufacturer.

Anyone familiar with Anna Mareov’s work in the transport segment of design will have noticed that some details from the design of the tram, which the designer worked on, now appear in the cable car cabins.

A new cable car is introduced. Visualization of driving during the day.

As Anna stated at the ceremonial unveiling of the model in his studio at Kamenick Street 37 under Letná, the cable car will also be different in that the passenger car will have its place on the upper left side, the ladder coming down the slope will be for passengers only, and the floor will be glazed. The 1:25 scale model will be here for viewing until the spring of the fifth year.

Two dleit lighting effects will be completely new. When you step on the track in the middle of the hill, one of them winks at the other, the other turns red again. We are from Petn, and that pet is in love. Which car will send signals of love and which will blush, will be known by the passenger and in a moment of love, when the two cabins meet.

The lower station of the cable car will also undergo reconstruction. Because the new cabins will be wheelchair accessible. Revisions are still pending. As we know, the slope of the Prak hill is unstable and once due to a landslide, it was not ridden for many years.

Cable car 2026

  • Studio Anna Mareov, Transport podnik hl. the city of Prague and the Austro-Varian Doppelmayr/Garaventa group.
  • Tram T3 has been in operation for five years, and it was designed by Anna Mareov.
  • The proposal for the new cable car came out of a meeting, which was also attended by foreign design studios.
  • The Petnsk cable car is the most popular tourist attraction.PH

Anna Mareov is the author of the T3 tram prospect

The article is in Czech

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