Foreign military helicopters raced over the Czech Republic. This is really not good, people were afraid. What is going on here?


Recently, the inhabitants of the Czech Republic have quite often witnessed demonstrative flyovers of fighter jets on the occasion of various holidays or other festive events. Recently, for example, gripens scared the inhabitants of Prague, because they roared over it at a really low height. Many then questioned whether it was worth scaring millions of people for the sake of a few buffoons getting an experience or fun.

Mighty machines in the sky

This time, however, there was a different situation, which also gave the Czechs a real fear. Some could not help but notice the low-flying helicopters, which did not belong to domestic units. They were recorded, for example, near Kladruby or perhaps in Prague’s Řepy.

The residents there were frightened by the loud noise and the circling machines made them worry. According to eyewitnesses, it was a large number of helicopters, the likes of which they had never seen before in such a grouping. Eventually it came out that they did not belong to the Czech Republic at all.

AH-64 Apache helicopters can strike fear. / Photo: Shutterstock

Will it happen again?

As Zuzana Sekaninová, the press spokeswoman for the Air Force of the Czech Republic, testified, they were American helicopters. Such that you may know from various American films. “These were AH-64 Apache and CH-47 Chinook type machines. The machines are operated by countries such as the Netherlands, Britain and America,” said the officer for the server.

The helicopters were supposed to take off from Prague’s Ruzyně civil airport and then leave the Czech Republic at 1:50 p.m. on Wednesday. However, there was no explanation of what these machines were looking for in our airspace and whether there will be more such cases by chance. At the same time, it would be appropriate to inform the population so that they do not have unnecessary worries.

While the CH-47 Chinook helicopters are large transport machines, the AH-64 Apache is nothing more than a combat helicopter.

Photo: Shutterstock


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