Like in the Gotthard. Rescuers practiced inside a railway tunnel near Pilsen


“The subject was based on a real train accident in the Swiss Gotthard tunnel, which occurred on August 10 this year,” said regional fire department spokesman Pavel Poncar.

There, however, a freight train derailed, the exercise near Ejpovici expected the accident of a passenger train with one hundred and thirty people on board.

“Ten people were seriously injured, fifteen were moderately injured and forty-six lightly,” Poncar summarized the situation.

Photo: HZS Pilsen region

Training in the Ejpovice railway tunnel

The simulated accident occurred in the middle of the tunnel, roughly two kilometers from each portal. “Twenty-three units came to the scene, i.e. more than a hundred firefighters,” explained Poncar. The tunnel has two tubes, the firefighters got to the free one in the direction from Ejpovice.

“After locating the crashed train by survey, they started rescue work,” said Poncar. The uninjured were evacuated through the safety jumpers between the tubes, the wounded were transported to the Chlum portal, where they were handed over to the medical rescue service.

Photo: HZS Pilsen region

Training in the Ejpovice railway tunnel

In addition to a large number of departure groups, the latter also sent three special cars to deal with events with mass disability.

Andrea Divišová from the regional rescue service recalled that the purpose of the tactical exercise was to improve and deepen cooperation between the individual components of the integrated rescue system.

“At the same time, all the responders tried out the specifics of intervention in difficult conditions, such as darkness and cold,” Divišová added.

Photo: HZS Pilsen region

Training in the Ejpovice railway tunnel

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