The IZS units intervened in the train accident. During the exercise, they saved dozens of injured people


12/11/2023 14:04

On Saturday, November 11, one of the largest tactical exercises of all components of the IZS took place at night. The subject of the exercise was inspired by a real train accident in the Gotthard Tunnel in Switzerland, which occurred on August 10 of this year.

All components of the IZS were called to the scene. It was reported to them that during the passage of a passenger train through the southern tube of the Ejpovice tunnel, a technical fault occurred on the chassis of the 1st wagon, as a result of which the train derailed. A total of 130 people travel on the train, including the train staff. As a result of the accident, there is a large number of injured people (46 slightly injured, 15 moderately and 10 seriously) on the spot (in the area between the 3-5 jumper).

Due to the high number of injured people, a large number of paramedics went to the scene. “The Medical Operations Center of the Medical Rescue Service of the Pilsen Region sent four RV exit groups with a doctor, 11 RZP exit groups, three special vehicles for dealing with incidents with mass disability, a rear vehicle for the HPO, a traffic inspector and a microbus with the SPIS team to the scene of the simulated accident. who is in charge of intervention support for those affected and witnesses of the event. Help also arrived from Hořovice and Beroun.” said Vítězslav Sladký for the health workers.

The purpose of the tactical exercise was to improve and deepen the cooperation between the individual components of the IZS, to become familiar with the issue of intervention in the tunnel, to improve the organization and cooperation of all the components of the IZS, or to verify the connection between the intervening components.

All responders experienced the specifics of HPO intervention in difficult conditions such as darkness and cold. “23 fire protection units converged on the scene. This corresponds to more than a hundred training firefighters. The largest number of responding units was gathered at the Homolka portal (Ejpovice) and from there the firefighters entered the free northern tube of the tunnel. rescue work. They evacuated uninjured people through the safety jumpers between the tubes, sorted the injured according to the severity of their injuries and then transported them to the Chlum portal (Pilsen), where they were handed over to the EMS. Simultaneously with this activity, a survey of the tubes was also carried out with the aim of finding out whether there they don’t find people who left the train set before the units arrived,” said fire department spokesman Petr Poncar.


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