PREVIEW: Viktoria pom sly with Slovecko

PREVIEW: Viktoria pom sly with Slovecko
PREVIEW: Viktoria pom sly with Slovecko

In the 15th round of the most famous football tournament, 1. FC Slovcko arrived at the Doosan Arena. The race for bikes starts at 3 p.m.


Umstn last season

5th place, 50 points, score 40:46

Changes in Slavia’s kdr

Departures: Nguyen, Ainka, Veleck, Merdovi, Uvalija

Walks: Hea, Trvnk, Okoromi, Valenta, Cicilia


The coach of 1. FC Slovcko is a former football legend, Martin Svdk, whose career was hindered by a knee injury. He entered the highest football league in our country as a player in eleven games and scored those goals. As a young forward, he even peeked into the Czech under-21 team, where he played a game and scored against Brazil.

Martin Svdk started his coaching career in 2008 on the bench of Pardubice. He spent five years here. Pott moved to the bench of Bank Ostrava, but due to the lack of a coaching license he was only managed as an assistant. He also tried his hand at international football in Dinamo Minsk, where he worked as an assistant to Duan Uhrin the Younger. After this experience, he also tried the twenties and twenties.

Martin Svdk made his first official debut on the bench of the first league Czech club in Mlad Boleslav. Since 2018, he has been leading 1. FC Slovcko.


The unforgettable Milan Petrela will arrive at the Doosan Arena with Slovakian this time as well.

Slovakia’s last 5 saves in the league

FK Jablonec 1. FC Slovcko 2:0

1. FC Slovcko FK Teplice 2:0

SK Slavia Prague – 1. FC Slovcko 2:0

1. FC Slovcko FC Slovan Liberec 1:1

1. FC Slovcko FC Hradec Krlov 0:0

Save lives

6/5/2023 – Plzeň – Slovakia 2:2

19/02/2023 – Slovakia – Plzeň 2:0

31/8/2022 – Plzeň – Slovakia 3:0

24/04/2022 – Plzeň – Slovakia 3:1

5/12/2021 Slovakia Plze 1:2

Pedzpas interview

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