The warriors finally took the outside, completely demolished Pardubice

The warriors finally took the outside, completely demolished Pardubice
The warriors finally took the outside, completely demolished Pardubice

The basketball players from Děčín won for the first and last time on the opponent’s ground on October 1 on the board of Ústí nad Labem. Since then they have lost four times away from home. The unfortunate balance was broken by the Warriors in Pardubice, where after a dominant performance they overcame the home team 99:64.

BK KVIS Pardubice vs. BK Armex Děčín.

| Photo: Milan Kriček

Only one team has won a league match in Pardubice by 35 points or more in the past twenty years. Nymburk of course. This statement was valid until Saturday, November 11, when Beksa lost to Děčín after a shameful performance. In other words, an opponent that has not been abundant in any form so far.

One thing is that without the injured trio of Brunk, Burda, Šafarčík, the Pardubice line-up was largely limited, both in terms of rotation width and quality. This is undoubtedly true.

But at the same time, it certainly does not mean that the view of the scoreboard would have to be as sad for the Pardubice fans as it was for most of this match. The home basketball players completely failed in all directions, and the opponent did not have a clear victory or much strength. During the second quarter, he built up a double-digit lead, and after the change of sides, Beksa fell into an ever deeper point gap.

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Her actions are evidenced, for example, by the desperate balance from behind the three-point arc (32/2!!), while the first Pardubice three-pointer was scored by Vyoral in a hopeless situation in the 28th minute. And also the ratio of points from a quick counterattack (6:29) probably needs no comment…

Post-match comments:

Vanja Miljković (coach Pardubice):
“I congratulate Děčín on the victory. Today’s match is not good for me. Děčín is a very good team, plays very physically, has an excellent transition phase, but we know all that. From our side, today’s match was a realistic picture of how we are doing, whether from the point of view of the injured players, or how the players can show their face on the board. The whole evaluation is mainly about the fact that we didn’t show character.”

Kamil Švrdlík (Pardubic player):
“It was embarrassing, shameful, uncollective from our side. I’m really embarrassed to be here in the hall after such a match… I’ve never seen this before. It was terribly uncollective from us, whether in defense or attack, that says it all. More I probably have no comment on that.”

Tomáš Grepl (Děčín coach):
“The match was played by two teams that are not in the best mood at the moment. We went here with the idea that we will just try because our form is not at the level where it should be. Pardubice are very similar. They have problems with injuries the players, which clearly shows. The result is perhaps a bit harsh for Pardubice, but we scored what we normally don’t, which was reflected in the result. We can’t be anything but satisfied, of course we’re happy for the win. The key was the first half-time – the fact that we beat Pardubice 17:2 on points from a quick counterattack determined the nature of the match.”

Petr Macháč (Děčín player):
“From our point of view, I evaluate the match positively. The home team was in an improved lineup, they didn’t have Brunko, Šafarčík and Burda, so we tried to make the most of it. We controlled the match almost from the first minute. Their shooting balance didn’t help the home team either, they didn’t have much it didn’t fall, it wasn’t such a problem for us. I would like to pick up the performance of AJ Walton, he scored 33 points, which is great.”

BK KVIS Pardubice – BK ARMEX Decin 64:99 (14:19, 30:47, 46:71)

Pardubice points: Škifič 16 (8 rebounds, 6 fouls), Alford 11 (7 assists), Pekárek 11 (11 rebounds), Švrdlík 9, Vyoral (1x 3), Potoček (1), Štěrba 3, Vrábel 2.

Děčín points: Walton 33 (8x 3, TH 5/5, 10 assists, 5 gains), Svoboda 20 (2x 3), Carter 13 (1x 3, 6 rebounds), Kroutil 10 (2x 3), Macháč 7, Slowiak 5 (1), Rozsypal 4, Mach 4, Šturanović 2 (8 rebounds), Bobek 1.

Shooting for 2 points 20/41:21/41, for 3 points 2/32:14/27, TH 18/24:15/22. Rebounds 48:43 (offensive 18:8), assists 12:25, turnovers 14:13, fouls 21:19.

Table: 1. Nymburk 8/2, 2. Opava 9/3, 3. Ústí nad Labem 7/4, 4. USK Prague 7/4, 5. Kolín 7/5, 6. Písek 5/4, 7. BK ARMEX Děčín 6/6, 8. Basket Brno 5/5, 9. Pardubice 5/7, 10. Olomoucko 3/8, 11. Slavia Prague 3/8, 12. Ostrava 1/10.

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