The wind power plant was given the green light by the people in Krouna. They will get cheaper electricity for it


/PHOTO. VIDEO/ It was clear on Saturday evening: People from Krouna and its local parts expressed their approval for the construction of a wind power plant, which is supposed to be the largest in the Czech Republic. Out of the four constituencies, there was only one dissent, and that was in Čachnov, where people living permanently from František went to vote. In this local part, a petition written by the association Malebné Františky was created even before the referendum. But it did not have a major impact on the inhabitants of the Crown and its local parts. 415 votes were in favor against 164 against. This means seventy percent wind turbine support.

In a referendum, the people of Krouna showed their consent to the construction of a wind power plant.

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On Saturday, people living permanently in Františké went to the old and dilapidated fire station in Čachnov to show their will. The uninhabited building was unbearably cold, but the members of the electoral commission put coal in the stove and people were really hot at the ballot box. The “fire station” is not barrier-free, you have to walk up wooden stairs to the polling station. However, this did not distance immobile citizens from voting in the referendum. “We have the portable urn, we will go to a lady in a wheelchair in a little while,” committee member Miloš Vaňák confirmed to Deník.

Even before the referendum, it was clear that the majority of residents were not against the giant windmill, which should stand in a clearing in the forest five hundred meters behind the transmitter by the road towards Polička. “I personally don’t mind. I would be against it if there were photovoltaic panels on the meadow, it’s really ugly and I would definitely vote against them. In my opinion, this is a lesser evil, the landscape is still disturbed by giant masts,” said the voter from Čachnov. A similar opinion is shared by her neighbor, who would like the development company to lower the price of electricity for people. “They promised, we would be fine. But it would certainly require a bulletproof treaty so that something doesn’t change over time,” he said.

The developer is willing to pay a “rent” of 300,000 crowns per year for each installed MW of power to the municipal coffers. A wind power plant with a capacity of 6.5 MW would thus bring 1,950,000 crowns to the municipal budget every year, which makes 39 million crowns over a twenty-year lifetime.

Will the propellers spin on Františké? There will be a referendum in the Crown on Saturday

Members of the association Malebné Františky warned against noise and the loss of the picturesqueness of the landscape. Their argument was that a 200-meter-high mast would be four times higher than the hill on which the Franciscans are located, eight times higher than the trees in the forest and seven times higher than the high-voltage poles. To give an idea, they compare the wind power plant to two transmitters on Ještěd built on top of each other and terminated by a rotor the size of a bus at the top of the mast. “Neighbors, don’t leave us alone and please help us,” the association urged on Facebook.

“The massive steel structure would irreversibly destroy the harmonious character of the surrounding landscape with small buildings standing on their original sites, including the dominant horizon rising to a height of 710 m above sea level, which is visible for tens of kilometers in the open countryside. A giant mast with rotating propellers would have an oppressive psychological effect on the residents of František, Martinice and other municipalities and would disturb them with its noise and vibrations,” reads the petition, which was signed by almost five hundred people.

Propellers are a hot topic in Svitavy. They will not go towards Polička, the mayors said

The developer of the project is PV Consulting s.r.o., which, through its subsidiary VEDožice s.r.o., has been operating the Enercon E-48 wind power plant in Dožice in the Pilsen region since 2013.

“It’s a very serious matter, and that’s why I’m glad that it wasn’t decided by the village council, but by the citizens in a referendum,” said the mayor of Krouna, Petr Schmied.

The Denik was unable to obtain the reaction of the Malebná Františky association to the result of the referendum.

Saturday’s referendum started at eight in the morning and lasted until four in the afternoon. In the polling stations, citizens answered YES/NO to the question: “Do you agree that the authorities of the municipality of Krouna allow the location of one wind power plant on the municipal plot of plot No. 1/5 in the cadastral territory of Františka?”

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