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Films, screenings, festivals:

6 – 19 November ONLINE: Brutal heat /

DAFilms presents Brutal Heat in an exclusive online premiere from November 6 to 19 for a price of CZK 110. The debut of Albert Hospodářský, a student of the department of documentary production at FAMU in Prague, is preceded by the reputation of this year’s Czech film sensation. The film not only received special recognition from the jury of the Proxima competition at the International Film Festival in Karlovy Vary, but also won the Golden Kingfisher at the Finale Pilsen festival for “an original and innovative film that does not try to imitate anyone or anything”.

Albert Spodářské’s film Brutal Heat

31. 10. – 3. 12. ART*VR / DOX

The first year of the international VR film festival.

15/11/19:30 16mm film/ Unijazz Reading Room / Free entry

Another of the regular screenings from the 16mm film directed by Fíla and Adam. The program will include a biographical film about the Czech painter Václav Rabas (directed by František Lukáš, 1955), the well-known animated film The Pied Piper (directed by Jiří Barta, 1985) and the jazz documentary Duke Ellington Swings Through Japan (directed by Peter Poor, 1964).

15. 11. Border / Dobeška

Agnieszka Holland’s latest film about the situation of refugees on the Belarusian-Polish border, which even before its release caused a wave of protests and emotions in Poland.

Complete programs of selected cinemas: Bio Oko, Světozor, Aero / Pilotů / Dlabačov / Edison Filmhub / Ponrepo / Cinema BALT / French Institute

13. 11. Infected Mushroom / Roxy

14. 11. EKG: ABOUT LOVE AND HOPE (RUDIŠ + MALIJEVSKY) / Cabinet of Muses

The legendary literary cabaret EKG, which writers Igor Malijevský and Jaroslav Rudiš regularly organize in Prague’s Archa Theater, is returning to Brno. Together with them, the founder of the legendary Slovak group Živé Kvety Lucia Piussi, photographer and local gallerist Jaroslava Pulicar, writer, painter and bassist Eva Turnová and Naděje will perform in the Kabinet Múz.

15. 11. Yaeji (US) / Roxy Prague

17. 11. Maloměšťáková wedding /theater DISK

What does it take to organize an unforgettable party? Two lovingly said yes’s, three courses prepared by mom, a bulky aquarium with two fish, several missing nails, a vast wedding table, eight chairs and nine uneaten petit burghers. Exuberant grotesque revealing lesser-known sides of Brecht’s genius.

19. 11. Halestorm + Black Veil Brides / SaSaZu, Prague

19. 10. Colleen + Farida Amadou LIVE + lectures / MeetFactory

19. 11. GoGo Penguin / Ark

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14 – 19 November XV year of PRAGUE PHOTO / Clam-Gallas Palace

This year’s PRAGUE PHOTO exhibition returns after four years to the newly reconstructed baroque Clam-Gallas Palace in the Old Town, at the intersection of Husovy and Karlovy streets. It will present almost 120 authors, the work of students and recent graduates of vocational schools and universities, individual photographers, traditionally a daily accompanying program will be part of the show. More at

16/11 – 27/1/2024 Matyáš Chochola | Reversed Altars of Postmodernity / Jiri Svestka Gallery

Memory, identity and the chaotic interconnectedness of human experiences are the main themes of the works of Matyáš Chochola (*1986). Through a combination of sculptures, paintings, various found materials, light and his own performances, he draws the audience into a surreal symbolic world that mirrors the impenetrable present in a special way.

30 September – 26 November Post-war architecture as a monument / Gallery of Jaroslav Fragner

Do post-war buildings have a place in our history? The new exhibition in the Jaroslav Fragner Gallery “Post-war architecture as a monument” focuses on the transformations of Prague’s buildings from the period 1945-1989.

26 October – 3 March 2024 Breyer P-Orridge: It Is a Painful Thing to Be Alone: ​​We Are But One / DOX

The DOX Center for Contemporary Art will present the exhibition project It Is a Painful Thing to Be Alone: ​​We Are But One, which will introduce the creative work of the British artist, musician, occultist and sound magician Genesis Breyer P-Orridge (1950-2020), who with his wife Lady Jaye Breyer (1967–2007) decided to change the concept of self-identity, gender and the physical body.

4 October – 28 January 2024 Thinking with an image – Visual events of Miroslav Petříček / City Library

Miroslav Petříček is a leading Czech philosopher and esthetician who has been systematically reflecting on visual art for decades. He summarized his thoughts on aspects of the language of art in a number of texts, including in the book Thinking with Images, which became the main impetus for the creation of this exhibition. Our most important goal is to point out Miroslav Petříček’s fundamental contribution to the development of Czech visual arts and to try to illustrate the key ideas on which his philosophical discourse is based. The basis is the statement that an encounter with an image is an event.

31. 10. – 22. 11. DAYS OF THE NORTH festival

d 31 October to 22 November organizes Scandinavian house the fourteenth year of the festival of Nordic culture Days of the North, whose theme this year is islands, whether in the literal or figurative sense of the word. As every year, several Nordic writers will visit the festival: Clara Törnvall from Sweden, Sigríður Hagalín Björnsdóttir and Jón Kalman Stefánsson from Iceland. The program will also include film screenings and a block of travel lectures.

6 – 19 November Festival Poetry Day

Already in its 25th year, Poetry Day – a poetry festival that takes place in around fifty cities across the country for two weeks around the birthday of the great Czech romantic poet KH Mácha – will bring poetry to libraries, schools, cafes, cultural institutions, galleries, cinemas, theaters and into nature. This year’s theme is Poems in pictures.

14/11/19:00 Tympanum: Putin’s war through the eyes of CT reporters / Unijazz Reading Room

Meeting on the occasion of the release of the audiobook Putin’s War. Ukrainian chronicle through the eyes of ČT reporters. Reports and personal observations of the correspondents of Czech Television, who reported with great personal commitment on the events in Ukraine from the first day of the Russian attack.

14. 11. An evening of Venezuelan poetry / Divine Bottle

Launch of an issue of Plav magazine dedicated to Venezuelan poetry. Discussion, reading, concert. Few Latin American literatures are as unknown here as Venezuelan literature. Researcher and poet Maylen Carolina Sosa-Silva will talk about her current tendencies. Guitarist and composer Suso González will accompany the evening with his guitar playing.

Evening guided walks through the dark spaces of the Fata Morgana greenhouse / Troja Botanical Garden

Do you know what the forest looks like when it gets dark? Experience Fata Morgana’s tropical greenhouse differently. Listen to the sounds of the jungle that never sleeps. We invite you on an adventurous journey around the world of tropical plants, fish and frogs. The interior of the greenhouse is divided into three parts with different temperatures and air humidity, in which you gradually get to know the flora of the tropical and partially subtropical climate zones.

Whenever: Fresh Music on Radio 1: Tips and Commentary (20 October 2023)

Whenever: Sleepclubbing on Radio 1 (episode 35)

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