Makebe: Italian elegance conquers the hearts of Czech and Slovak riders

Makebe: Italian elegance conquers the hearts of Czech and Slovak riders
Makebe: Italian elegance conquers the hearts of Czech and Slovak riders

/PR article/ When tradition meets innovation and passion for riding meets fashion, something unique is created. This is Makebe, a brand made in Italy that, since 1995, has been bringing not only high quality and design, but also a piece of the Italian soul to the world of riding.

Makebe ambassadors

The prestigious stage of the GLOBAL CHAMPIONS PRAGUE PLAYOFFS 2023 will feature three Makebe brand ambassadors who are living proof that riders with a passion for riding can achieve great things. Rozálie Pichrtová, Emma Sophia Španko and Nikola Bielíková – each of them brings their own unique story and talent to the parkour, they are the living embodiment of Makebe’s values ​​and show that with the right equipment everyone can be a winner.

Affiliate stores

Libich Saddlery near Prague and Bukefalos in Olomouc are new partners on Makebe’s journey back to the market in the Czech Republic. In Slovakia, they are joined by the Greenfield Shop, which recently opened its doors in a newly opened brick-and-mortar store in the Greenfield Horses Stables Equestrian Complex in Hôrka. These stores will be gateways through which Czech and Slovak riders can rediscover the quality, style and innovation that Makebe brings.

Invitation for fans

As part of our return to the Czech-Slovak market, we would like to invite all our fans to an exclusive presentation and sale of Makebe brand products. This event will take place from November 16 to 19 during the GLOBAL CHAMPIONS PRAGUE PLAYOFFS 2023. You can find us in the Shopping Village at O2 Universum, sector A, stand number 18.

Come and discover the timeless Makebe collections, which are synonymous with prestige and elegance. Every piece of clothing and equipment is made with the utmost care in Italy, which guarantees not only exceptional quality, but also unique style. Our products are designed to reflect the passion for riding while providing uncompromising comfort and functionality. Come and see how Makebe can combine tradition with modern design and bring a touch of Italian elegance to your riding life.

Makebe is more than just a brand; it is a symbol of family passion, quality and Italian style that transcends borders. Whether you’re on or off the course, Makebe brings you the best in Italian design and craftsmanship. Visit Libich Saddlery, Bukefalos or Greenfield Shop and discover the world of Makebe, where every detail has a story and every product is an expression of endless love for riding.

/PR article/

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