Olomouc – Slavia 1:3, including Tomie’s goal, added the safety after Jurek’s break

Olomouc – Slavia 1:3, including Tomie’s goal, added the safety after Jurek’s break
Olomouc – Slavia 1:3, including Tomie’s goal, added the safety after Jurek’s break

Slavia traveled to Hana after a great European victory over AS m (2:0). In the league, a week ago Neekan lost to Pilsen at home (1:2) and lost first place.


We watched the match minute by minute.

Last season, they played against Sigm ervenobl twice: they lost 0:2 in the first two, and then won 3:2 in extra time.

Te slav again.

Konrad Wallem sent the visitors to Han u in the fourth minute, Jakub Pokorn equalized at the end of the first quarter of an hour. Praanm nskok Michal Tomi moved the ball into the basket and Vclav Jureka added the fuse in the 56th minute. The Hungarians did not score after those rounds and those streaks in a row, and they have five points in the table.

Former Czech representative Novk, who started in the Czech league after eight years, introduced himself in Hank’s lineup after returning from abroad. Kou Praan Trpiovsk made four changes to the starting line-up after the quarter-final victory over AS.

Two of the repechage games took care of the lead right away. Olomouc’s defense cleared the corner kick, but Wallem got the best of the following evk center and opened the scoring with his second goal in the league season.

Npor Praan blunted the 15th minute. Vodhnl found Pokornho’s head with a cross from a free kick in the penalty area, who did not give Mandous a chance. The twenty-seven-year-old stopper hit a sweat in the league season.

In the 24th minute, he was close to the second goal by Wall, but his hard shot was deflected into the corner by Pokorn. Otherwise, the sweat in the water event was heated firmly in the middle of the field. And in the 43rd minute, Provod sent a cross from the left side into a small box, where Tomi found his way best and sent Slavia into the lead again.

The Slovakian winger and winger scored a goal in the second away league game in a row, two weeks ago he led the Reds to a 2-0 win over Bohemians 1905.

Nadji hit the equalizer for the home side after the change of sides by the goalkeeper Digao, who caught Van Buren’s angel. After the break, home team Juli did not get to the other side. On the other hand, in the 56th minute, Jureka converted his action from the right side with the help of Tee Pokornho and ensured Praanm a two-goal jump. only irho kdru esk representation followed the fourth goal against AS m.

Slvist had a lot of power. Masopust got to the next goal, and he shot Mandous’s goal high. Praan then fell in love with a high jump and in the 78th minute, Mandous distinguished himself when he pulled Stdajcho Fiala’s header into the corner.

They did not allow the guests to cause complications and won the seventh of the last eight league matches between them. ervenobl have scored five points in a row in the highest matches and are the best team there in the season. Sigma hasn’t won the last few games at home in the league.


12/11/2023 18:00

S. Tecl, D. Doudra, J. Boil, O. Kol, M. van Buren, J. Hromada, S. Sinyan, M. Chytil, T. Vlek, A. Dumitrescu, C. Zafeiris

Decision: S. Volek – K. Hjek, L. Macha

Wild poet: 8,897 (71% of capacity 12,541)

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