Our concentration was key. An important victory

Our concentration was key. An important victory
Our concentration was key. An important victory

12/11/2023, Editorial Board

Conrad Wallem opened the score of the match in Olomouc (3:1) with a sharp header in the 4th minute. In the post-match interview, he praised Petr Ševčík’s performance, talked about the importance of the away win and plans for the national team break.

How much do you value such winnings?
“It’s a really important win, we knew beforehand that it’s very difficult to switch from a European game, especially when there are only three days between games. We have a wide squad, which came in handy against Olomouc. Before the game, we said to ourselves that we have to really focus. It is difficult to play a game on Thursday and then on Sunday, but we did it. We showed professionalism and concentration in top form.”

You opened the scoring in the 4th minute…
“It was a great start. Our goal was to penetrate the goal as often as possible, a few moments later I had another goal from a similar situation on the boot, but the defender blocked my shot. I’m very happy for the goal, it was a fantastic start to the game, even though we conceded a goal in the first half, we didn’t stop playing and creating pressure. We believed in each other and played a good match.”

Petr Ševčík scored the first goal for you. Is his return to the squad a big asset?
“Having him back is very positive news. He finally returned to the games, he was out due to injury. He is a very important player, he brings a natural calmness in the middle of the pitch. Thanks to him, we also have more options, but it always depends on the type of match and the opponent we are facing. I’m glad he’s back.’

Igoh Ogbu did not start in the second half. Was it due to injury?
“I honestly don’t know, I was focused on the game. I don’t know if he’s injured himself, but I hope it’s nothing serious.”

A representative break awaits you. Are you looking forward to a rest even though the team is currently performing convincingly?
“Of course, it’s a bit sad that we have a break when we’re playing well. We all feel great, it’s important to be prepared especially mentally. But we certainly have to do everything in our power even after the international break to stay in shape even in two weeks.”

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