The two domestic pigs are hugely lost, dear trainer Koubek

The two domestic pigs are hugely lost, dear trainer Koubek
The two domestic pigs are hugely lost, dear trainer Koubek

Coach Miroslav Koubek after losing the match against 1. FC Slovcko.

How do you explain the nine-minute episode that made the decision?

It was a glitch. Those goals are quite similar, we didn’t catch Slovakia’s counterflows after losing personal fights. We let the fast game go into the break and they took advantage of it. This is where the game was lost, we made mistakes. It is explained that we have made a list of errors in terms of defensive activity, weak activity and built from the point of view of the system’s view of the coverage of the depth of hits after deflected balls.

Do you think the mistakes came from the nave?

From the beginning, I felt that we were one step away from being able to push the soup. Determine the influence of that factor. We made the changes, but this time they didn’t work for him, to say the least. It wasn’t all that, it rubbed the game from the beginning. Soupe attacked us for a while, we had to play for a long time. Paradoxically, we were dangerous after them. We lacked an interlude in the game, to be more combined on the package. We passed the second half, we started very early, I firmly believed that we would win. But again, like in the first game, we didn’t give a chance and then the run lasted nine minutes. We were sweating like crazy, we didn’t have air, we were both mentally and physically down, and we didn’t have a prescription. Sorry, it’s a stupid piece of shit.

That’s why Sampson Dweh practically didn’t rest…

We were very satisfied with Sampson’s performance against Slavia and Dinamo. There is no such volume in these positions, so from the point of view of physiology, it can be overcome. He didn’t look that full of time today, but it went well with the darkness. The season is reaching its peak, we are missing two notable players, we played the 25th match and today it took its toll on us. It happened, it’s a sport.

It’s because you saved in FORTUNA:LIZE, how big of a problem is it?

It goes without saying that it’s annoying. We play in the peloton of teams that are below the S ranks and we play for the best place. We somehow managed to compensate for the points against Slavia, but these two home losses are a huge loss, I accept that.

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