The ROSA center rang on the phone, hello, and I cried


And it was getting worse at home. “Only the neighborhood and relatives had no idea, because outside the home, Marek was quite funny in society and treated me well. At home, however, every time he returned from work and the elevator stopped on the floor, I waited to see what would come. I tried to recognize how it would be by the slamming of the door, by the first signals, before he started shouting, cursing and humiliating me. Whether to wash the dishes in a hurry, or rather take the stroller and disappear to the park. Just when I thought I could spot it, everything was completely different. Each time the detonator was something completely different. And it ended with a mad scream that I was so stupid and incompetent that I didn’t even… …well, there was a lot. He was totally unpredictable.

When I was home on maternity leave for the fourth year, because my children were born three years apart, it started to get worse. After one attack, I ended up with torn hair and lots of bruises on my hands and face. After another, I ended up in the emergency room with a burst eardrum and a split eyebrow. The third time it was a broken arm. I didn’t want to put up with it any longer, I was afraid, but I told myself that I wouldn’t take the children’s father, I didn’t want to leave yet, and I suggested marriage counseling. Mark didn’t really want to, but he agreed. But he put on a charming smile in front of the psychologist and lied. He was fine with that. Manipulation. Then he just mentioned that I seemed very anxious to him, and after fifty minutes I already had the feeling that I was the impossible person who should do something about myself immediately so that he and the children could put up with me.”

“A few more months passed, alternating between attacks and periods of calm. But it was happening more and more often and it was getting worse. Then Marek extended his hand to Honzík. That time I said ENOUGH! I was defending Honzík and suddenly I couldn’t move my head. From the bathroom, where I turned on the water and the radio, I called the toll-free emergency line. When the ROSA women’s center said, hello, how can we help you, I burst into tears. The employee on the line was patient with me, she listened to me, told me basic, but essential information for me, and we agreed that in the morning after my trip from the doctor, I would come for a short consultation and they would probably take me and my children to a crisis stay that day, when we manage to pack the most necessary things and leave the apartment before my husband returns from the afternoon shift.” Karolína, 35 years old.

The ROSA Center for Women has been providing crisis assistance since 2022 and as a registered social service since June 2023. The service is operated in Prague with the support of the Municipal Council of Prague 2 and Norwegian grants, and is intended for women from all over the Czech Republic. The crisis stay is for a maximum of 7 days and women at immediate risk of violence from their partner do not pay anything for it. How to get to a crisis stay? It’s easy, call the ROSALIN line, which is 24/7 free: 800 60 50 80.

ROSALIN center of comprehensive crisis assistance for women victims of domestic violence
800 50 60 80


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