With Sigma, it was all European football, Trpiovsk said. He also appreciated evka

With Sigma, it was all European football, Trpiovsk said. He also appreciated evka
With Sigma, it was all European football, Trpiovsk said. He also appreciated evka

How did you work with the dark after the emotional relationship over AS m?
The environment here helped them – a beautiful stadium, a great hit on the Czech Republic and, in quotes, a European competition that plays technical football. Walking was not ok. We’re talking about European football, and this guy beat it. We have those movements, the team is not that experienced, but before the rep break we always ride in such a lauf. I told the boys in the cabin that they will scatter you on the frogs and we will glue it again. That’s the coolness you had after the match with AS m. He gained self-confidence, which showed you Ogba and Oscar under the pressure of Sigma, who went up in six points, but we will hit m, otome, we will get out of it. There is such a huge difference in the regeneration of the game on Thursday at home and then the league, not the other way around. It was time mixed. The games that played on Thursday showed great quality, and the five that didn’t played again showed energy. We are glad that so many fans were drinking behind them again. We remembered a bunch of stops here, when we lost 0:2 in the 7th minute, so we don’t remember it like that.

You didn’t look like you had so much weight in your legs.
It was great quality from us, a good move. Olomouc was also great, an excellent hit, which I remember watching. Both the status before the save and the speed of the hit after it. So the decision was excellent, again he started the trend like on Bohemka – shoulder to shoulder contact was not allowed, players get used to it quickly and the game is fluid. Really catchy. We are glad that we managed to do this in the program we had.

The arrest went well, you flew to Sigma.
The entrance was the best of the entire season. We looked good for a while, then Sigma kicked a fantastic standard, almost invulnerable. And she started to be active, we passive. Nahoe lost a lot of muscle. We were talking before the match that he has a very quick game for the combination and we don’t want to bend them after the hit, but that’s what happened to us. He helped us look into the atna. We were so fired up that in the second half it was a tie for Olomouc, even though the game was interesting again. But Mandous caught gl. But we had a nice pass in combination. It was a football match, technically, hard, but fr. In terms of technical quality, we were vtzstv bl.

The return of Petr Evek, who after being injured, always looks like he was never missing, helped us a lot.
That’s probably his top priority, I don’t know how he did it. At the moment of return, he is probably in the best form. Unfortunately, he won’t last long, because as soon as we play the English week, he’ll start to get muscle injuries. That’s what we have to look for. He is full of other people. U is won. Doke as one should dictate the tempo of the game. He can decide for a good woman, but mainly he accelerates the game upwards, which none of the other boys have, but then again they have other strengths. With Petr, the game is faster, I have the first ball up, since going to Zafeiris, Oscar will probably never have that. It has an ingredient that we have been missing a lot. I have a lot of complaints about him, he has a lot of things to say, but his ability to put himself in quotes is irreplaceable. When he doesn’t play, he doesn’t have such parameters in the offensive as it should.

Mojmr Did he catch Sigma’s game in Olomouc like he used to, but did he appear against him?
There was no option for him to run away from prison. He was shown by a decision that forbade him to wait in the 78th minute. He had kee in both years. Mojma is getting used to that. Even for the fact that he plays at high intensity. He undergoes a lot of fights, which take a lot of strength, not speed. On Thursday, he gave it his all. I have to praise him. He gambled on Llorente and Mancini, who could lead the game to the ground, late in the game. He showed great quality, he helped the side. When he went down to Tijani at half an hour, he did not deign to follow him. It was visible even for those fifteen minutes. He got them back as a reward for moving around. Otherwise, we wouldn’t bother at all.

Did you prepare for stopper Filip Novek, who played in the Czech league after eight years?
Yeah. We saw that Bene was sick and not likely to be hounded. Filip supplied Sigm with another ingredient. It was for us tk. They had a right-hander and a left-hander in the warm-up, but it was too late for them. That’s why we chose two tons, so that the stops are under high pressure. Sigma has a lot to do with this. And it’s Frozen or Grabbed, so the warm-up is complex. But we were happy to choose that the winger, not the center, would be free. Novek showed what he is strong in – great experience, warm-up. He surprised me with the game. He was dying for Mick van Buren to run after him, but he did it brilliantly. It will be a fantastic game for Sigma. As you have a strong team in combination, complete it at the back. Grapes help them.

Why did you miss Ogbua and Tijani?
Igy finished the warm-up on Thursday with a sore back and knee. In the original full, it was not that he played. But on Saturday he was in such a state that he wanted to start. And halftime he played great. But he said that it hurt him a lot. Similarly Tijani, with whom we were dissatisfied at first, but I learned that in the first fight he had a broken nail, his bone was swollen, he could not even walk. I have to praise Mick van Buren and Vlk, who did it at 2:1. Even when Vlk got a quick card, a little psnj, he coped with it brilliantly.

How do you decide between Boile, Wallem, Provod and Dumitrescu, who played the least?
It fell on Dumi. The butt was better, we didn’t eat. He’ll cut out some defensive stuff for him – great game. He has to quickly pick up and exchange information between games, which gave him a problem. We decide according to the layout and typology of the soupee. The advantage is that Luk Provod plays me on the stove and in the middle, Wallem like that. This was exchanged for the counterplay of Chvtala, which he had on him. Dumi needs to tighten up the defense, but he has things to do. He has to get used to fighting in the esk league.

You got a cheat card. What made you angry?
It was a misunderstanding. The first card on the stand was for someone else, I just thought there was a foul on Oscar. There are cards for this, not for fouls. I flew the truck. But even in the decision I admired the trend, as he had, he managed it perfectly. This was really unfortunate that he was looking at me. Otherwise, I was absolutely calm the whole time. I don’t think it was even on a whim, but that’s a matter of perspective.

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