The first test-tube baby was born in Brno. First, he is 41 years old

The first test-tube baby was born in Brno. First, he is 41 years old
The first test-tube baby was born in Brno. First, he is 41 years old

It was an extraordinary moment, because today he was twenty-one years old, and as a result of his first dream, he was artificially fertilized in the entire communist bloc of that time and the entire world! The very first in 1978 was a girl named Louise Brown from Great Britain. The mother from Brno wanted to remain anonymous at the time.

The main contribution to this project was made by Czech gynecologist Ladislav Pilka and his team from the Brno hospital. One of the doctors, in whose ward the patient Leela was, sprained her ankle on the day of the planned delivery, but since it was a completely unusual event, on the day of the birth she suffered a bruise on her leg from the surgery.

Pilkv tm succeeded in 1982 with the GIFT method, which means the transfer of an egg with sperm into the fallopian tube. Today it is the most sought-after and most popular method of IVF (from the English In Vitro Fertilisation). It is a process where the egg is removed from the fallopian tube and fertilized in the laboratory. The fertilized egg embryo was then inserted into the fallopian tube, where it then developed.

According to the estimates of the European Society for Human Reproduction and Embryology, ten million children have been born after artificial insemination to date worldwide. It is estimated that five to seven percent of children are first born after IVF methods, to MUDr. Milada Brandejsk from the Europe IVF reproductive medicine clinic in Prague.

In 1995, she became an assisted reproduction center at the Faculty Hospital in Prague, Motole, and later assisted reproduction at the establishment of the Czech Republic clinic, where she worked until 2017 as the head of the doctor. During my studies at the Lkask faculty of the Charles University in Prague, I studied surgery and thus worked at the gynecology-obstetrics clinic at Apoline. Thanks to the influence of our teachers, who were passionate about their work, I decided to study gynecology and obstetrics. In 1991, I then split this field into reproductive medicine. It’s optimistically medical, so I don’t regret it, smile.

Artificial insemination was rare for two, today there is an alternative option for every five years. In the long term, we achieve a high rate of success and 68 percent, which is among the world’s leading assisted reproduction centers, according to MUDr. Milada Brandeisk.

Experts predict that in twenty years, with the current trend of delaying the number of first offspring, one in four children will be born with the help of artificial insemination methods.

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