The Catholic Church wants vc exorcists, they can’t find them. Their new f is ech

The Catholic Church wants vc exorcists, they can’t find them. Their new f is ech
The Catholic Church wants vc exorcists, they can’t find them. Their new f is ech

According to Orlita, many Catholic bishops would like to have at least one or two exorcists in their diocese. but it’s not possible. According to Orlita, bishops should be sure that they do not have suitable people among their princes to perform this service.

It is not necessary to have a good theological education and to be a good priest in order to be able to perform exorcism, it takes something more, said the new president of AIE in an interview.

According to Orlita, you don’t have a clear idea about who she is and what she can do. There are also people who turn to us as if we are good people, Catholic people, said Orlita. According to him, exorcists are supposed to improve the quality of the penance life of all.

a bishop or a priest is dressed in bla

In the Catholic Church, only bishops and priests who have received authorization from the bishop can practice blasphemy. According to Orlita, who was born in 1970 in Ostrava, he became an exorcist about 15 years ago and now works in the Brno diocese.

According to the information on its website, the International Association of Exorcists is the only similar organization that is officially recognized by the Vatican. It has approximately 900 len, which are active and auxiliary exorcists. Roughly half of the association of works in Italy, according to data, there are 13 of them. Both of them were removed from the Catholic Church, based on the fact that Satan has created evil spirits in the world.

According to church historian Francis Young, the practice of extortion has accompanied the Catholic Church ever since their arrest. In the past, tila was popular with all and ecclesiastical ranks.

According to the historian, exorcism was the least practiced in the 60s of the 20th century, but then, thanks to the activities of conservative priests and all, its popularity increased. This practice, according to Young, also helps the growing influence of bishops from Africa, Asia and Latin America in the Catholic Church. In these areas, Catholics came under pressure from competing evangelical and summer movements.

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