From Zepeln they went to Krumlov hkov ke. But his photo is a hoax


it was about the smell of German intermediate engineering and one of the most obscure means of transport of that time. So it was a boast of the Nazi ideology. The colossus in the sky, the LZ 130 Graf Zeppelin II, was also invented by South Korea almost 85 years ago.

The entire population was lucky that now they could see the sight of German machine gun technology, he wrote in December 1938 in a chronicle in the Horn Plan, over which the air gun was firing at that time.

She was the last zeppelin made. The disaster of its predecessor LZ 129 Hindenburg in 1937 gave both airships a blow from which they never recovered. Graf Zeppelin II never carried passengers on board, but briefly served as a military helmet and thus propaganda for Hitler’s Germany. He appeared above a typical Krumlov castle with swastikas depicted on his tail fins on December 3, 1938. His flight route is mapped out in detail, he took off the day before from Frankfurt am Main, where he then circled.

Even though it was a big event not only for the city, it seems that no one managed to capture it. Vtina pictures, where the 230-meter-long dog can be seen from the air above the city, are especially just me and more like a photomonte. Both experts and historical researchers strive for this.

And there is a reason for things, even though no one will probably find out the real one today. Either the weather was just not right, or simply none of the photographers were ready with the apartment at that moment.

They just couldn’t take a picture of it, it could have happened. I guess it turned out that it was more than a place to saw. And if I imagine that I am a studio photographer at that time and someone says to me, there is an airship flying in the sky, go take a picture of it, I probably won’t make it. That is also why I think that the pictures with Graf Zeppelin II over Krumlov are not real. In the studio, an artist assembled an airship over the city skyline, including Petr Hudik, curator of the exhibition and curator of the Seidel Fotoatelier Museum in Krumlov.

The well-known photographer Josef Seidel was very good at capturing these moments. The apartment could not be missing, for example, at the wedding of Adolf Hitler, who triumphantly entered Krumlov on January 20, 1938 in front of a crowd.

Even according to Hudik, there are variants of various modified photographers, because each of the then personal studios of Mr. Seidel, Mick and Wolf took their own pictures. They were then sold like postcards.

From Eskho Krumlov, under the command of Captain Albert Sammt, he sailed to Kapersk Hory, then continued to Germany towards Furth im Wald. From there, the jet stopped above Karlovy Vary and Loket. The airship was therefore moving over the occupied Sudetenland. Graf Zeppelin II flew back to Frankfurt on December 3 at 5:46 p.m.

And why did the Ministry of Air Force send its pride over the former Slovakia? actually about advertising.

It was a propaganda cruise before the by-elections to the Senate, which took place on December 4, 1938. From the airship’s deck, the crew dropped small hkov ke on parachutes and other placards with the words TV ANO VDCI, but the website specialized in the event .

The event did not escape the chroniclers of the time, who wrote that the people were caught and waved to him on the day of the funeral. The question is how the truth was and how the Vudyptomsk propaganda quickly got into the chronicles.

Take a look at Prague from the tallest airship in the world (May 18, 2018):

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