Czech Republic – Switzerland 1:0. Triumph without losing a point! Lenc decided in the power play

Czech Republic – Switzerland 1:0. Triumph without losing a point! Lenc decided in the power play
Czech Republic – Switzerland 1:0. Triumph without losing a point! Lenc decided in the power play

The Czech team entered its final match of the tournament again with a changed lineup, compared to Saturday, not a single attack remained together. Pavlát got his first chance in goal.

The introduction did not offer many interesting opportunities, and Pavlát and his counterpart Berra scored only a few trouble-free saves. Andrighetto had the first big chance in the 9th minute, but Ambühl’s shot went wide of the goal. The Czechs responded with a successful combination of the third formation, but Kubík, who was alone, only hit Berra’s prepared trap.

The indiscipline of the opponent helped to lead Rulík’s selection. The Czechs have not yet punished Marti’s exclusion, but during Thürkauf’s stay on the penalty bench, Lenc opened the scoring, which Stránský found exactly. Ambühl could have equalized in the 18th minute, Pavlát eliminated his goal chance.

The Swiss then did not use the first power play and in the second part they threatened to weaken themselves. But Lehmann did not punish Pavlát’s mistake in the play-off. The Pilsen goalkeeper subsequently had significantly more work than Berra, he dealt with Bertschy’s shot and was helped by the crossbar after a dangerous attempt by Senteler. During Ordoš’s penalty, Pavlát eliminated the active Bertschy’s chance.

The goal structure also helped Pavlát in the third period with Galvas’ penalty, this time it was scored by Simion. With the shortened Czech numerical advantage, the team could come close to winning Kodýtek, but did not overcome Berra. The fight between the top scorer of the Finnish league and the Swiss goalkeeper also ended a few minutes later during a five-on-five game.

In the end, the Czech national team kept a close win even with a more than two-minute power play by the opponent. Pavlát made a key save five seconds before the end against a lonely Thürkauf. The Swiss did not score for the second time in the tournament.


Homemade: Pavlát (Málek) – Pyrochta, Zábranský, Ticháček, Knot, Mašín, Zámorský (A), Galvas, Jandus – Lenc, Špaček (A), Stránský – Ordoš, Jašek, Řepík (C) – Kubík, Kodýtek, Flek – Kovařčík, Filippi, Kousal.

Guests: Berra (van Pottelberghe) – Marti (A), Kukan, Geisser, Egli, Berni, Heldner, Le Coultre – Thürkauf (C), Richard, Bertschy – Herzog, Senteler, Martschini – Andrighetto, Ambühl (A), Simion – Schmid, Heim, Riat-Lehmann.


Kova, Holm – Thomann, Lundgren


Nokia Arena, Tampere


2459 viewers

The Swedes finished second

Sweden’s hockey players defeated Finland 4:2 in a direct fight for the final second place at the Karjala tournament in Tampere. The Finns were the first to assert themselves, but then the opponent rejoiced four times in a row. Striker Mario Kempe helped the turnaround with two goals. The opening event of the Euro Hockey Tour was won by the Czechs, who did not lose a single point in three games during the premiership of coach Radim Rulík. The Swiss were the last with zero on their account.

Already at the end of the second minute, Frödén was penalized for a foul against the rules, and when it seemed that the Swedes would survive the weakening unscathed, they forgot about the onrushing Borgström and he shot through Marmenlind. At the same time, only one second was left before Frödén’s punishment expired. Nygard could equalize, but Heljanko was against it. However, even the Finnish goalkeeper could not prevent Kempe from scoring in the 11th minute during the signaled advantage. Even before the break, the Swedes also used the power play and Lindberg completed the conversion.

He could have leveled Levtchi at the edge of the middle act, but Marmenlind was alert. The Finns did not take advantage of their numerical advantage, and Oksanen shortened it a bit. The opponent punished again – as soon as the Swedes were in five, he increased Kempe with his second hit of the day. Tre kronor Sylvegard added the fourth goal before the half of the match, ending his team’s lightning strike.

In the third part, he could revive the hopes of the Finns in the power play Koivunen, but Marmenlind caught him. And he ended up in a duel with the Swedish goalkeeper even when Björninen was playing at full strength. The Finns then tried continuously with a game without a goalkeeper, but they did not see a reduction until two minutes before the end of the regular playing time, when Jääskä made a breakthrough.

Karjala Cup (Tampere):

Finland – Sweden 2:4 (1:2, 0:2, 1:0)
Goals and saves: 4. Borgström (Erholtz, Vittasmäki), 58. Jääskä (Huuhtanen, Riikola) – 11. M. Kempe (A. Bengtsson, Alsing), 19. Lindberg (Heed, Frödén), 28. M. Kempe (Hansson, L. Johansson), 30. Sylvegard (Ejdsell, Hardegard). Exclusion: 3:6. Use: 1:2. Spectators: 11,642.

Karjala Cup 2023 Final Table:

1. Czechia 3 3 0 0 0 13:5 9 2. Sweden 3 2 0 0 1 10:10 6 3. Finland 3 1 0 0 2 9:11 a.m 3 4. Switzerland 3 0 0 0 3 3:9 0
Rulík's rules worked and were fun: Dig with your feet, don't back down. The reward will come

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