Snow covered the Czech Republic. There are no trains, the D1 highway has been closed by an accident


The snow that covered the Czech Republic on Friday and Saturday night is complicating traffic in many parts of the country. Meteorologists also warn of further snowfall. In some places, up to 25 centimeters of new snow may fall.

There is a truck on the D1 highway at kilometer 97. It formed a seven kilometer long eco-colon.

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It snowed all night, 30 to 40 centimeters fell. During the night, the road crews went out with all the equipment, they had 252 spreaders. “They drove already in the evening (on Friday) and then again at half past two at night. It can be in places problem with trucks, at Havlíčkov Brod and in Štoký they slide uphill. Trucks were also sliding on the I/19 above Pelhřimov near Čížkov. For passenger cars, I have no reports that anything is impassable, but really, if you don’t have to drive today, don’t drive,” said the road dispatcher.

In some parts of the Czech Republic, the snow has stopped rail traffic, and elsewhere trains are running late. In the morning, for example, there were no trains on the Tábor-Pelhřimov, Strakonice-Vimperk or Kubova Huť-Červený kříž routes.

The D1 highway was stopped again on Saturday morning by an emergency vehicle accident. “It happened at the 97th kilometer in the direction of Brno. She escaped without injury. The truck will be recovered. The column is seven kilometers long. D1 through Vysočina is passable only with increased caution,” the police said.

While the snow causes problems for the drivers, they are happy on the mountains. The ski season starts:

The ski season begins. The ski lifts have started the snow cannons, they will prepare the tracks for the cross-country skiers

It has had seven reported accidents since 5 am on Saturday. “Drivability problems persist. An unprecedented amount of snow is lying on the roads and it is still snowing. That’s why everyone has to expect complications in traffic,” regional police spokeswoman Dana Čírtková told reporters. There is ice and snow on the roads, trucks are parked in some places, traffic for passenger cars is only with increased caution, she added.

The situation is worst in the south of Bohemia

In parts South Bohemian Region and Vysočina region up to 45 centimeters of snow has fallen since Friday morning. At the same time, according to meteorologists, another up to 25 centimeters may fall on Saturday. “Snowfall will continue with variable intensity in the following hours during the morning and afternoon. We assume that another 10 to 25 centimeters will fall in this area during Saturday, i.e. a total of 30 to 65 centimeters,” the Czech Hydrometeorological Institute (ČHMÚ) states in an updated warning.

They even declared a state of calamity in South Bohemia’s Prachatice. “Dear fellow citizens, in connection with the snow calamity in the territory of the city of Prachatice, the mayor of the city convened a working group at night. We are currently gathering all manpower and resources to deal with this emergency. We ask that you come out if absolutely necessary. We will keep you informed about the development of the situation. In case of necessity, call 156,” the city management writes.

We follow the development of the snow disaster in the South Bohemian Region online here:

ON-LINE: The South Bohemian region is fighting snow. It grows up to 65 centimeters

They also warn of danger in Strakonice. “A snow calamity is expected, major complications in transport, energy, industry and supply. Damage to trees and forests, high voltage wires. It is recommended not to drive unless necessary. If you need to drive, follow the traffic news and expect extended driving time. Plan most of the trip to be in daylight. Drive with a sufficient reserve of fuel in the tank. Don’t forget winter equipment, chains, tools. Have warm clothes and at least a minimum supply of drinks and food in the vehicle. Follow the instructions of the Mountain Service on the mountains,” recommends the town hall.

Already on Friday, meteorologists warned of complications that the snow can cause. “From early Saturday morning until Sunday afternoon, we expect the formation of tongues of snow, on the mountains and drifts. Due to the fresh north-west wind in the Bohemian-Moravian Highlands, the formation of snow tongues will be more numerous from Saturday evening to Sunday afternoon, and snowdrifts will also form in places,” warns the ČHMÚ.

In the north of Bohemia, complications await, especially when traveling to the mountains

IN Ústí Region today, drivers must expect snow on their way to the mountains. In the Ore Mountains, there is a drifted layer of snow covered with sprinkles on the roads. The road near Krupka in Teplicka and Telnice in Ústeck is impassable, where there are tongues of snow and road workers do not maintain these roads in winter. Highways are wet, visibility is reduced by fog and snow. In Litoměřice, ice formed on the roads. It follows from the information of the police and road workers.

That in Liberec region the road workers manage to keep the roads passable. They have all the equipment in the field, the dispatcher of the regional administration and road maintenance told ČTK today. In the mountains, there is a layer of driven snow on the roads. The ice cream truck is on its way to Semila, the police warned on the website.

The road between the villages of Dubá and Holany in the Česká Lípa district is impassable, where a tree fell on the road. Firefighters are also clearing a fallen tree near the village of Ralsko in Českolipska, where motorists are currently not allowed to pass either. A truck got stuck in Újezd ​​pod Troskami in the Semila region. On the roads II. and III. class, there are remnants of slush, which road users gradually remove with the help of plows.

Accidents in Western Bohemia

Snow complicates traffic in the west of Bohemia. Especially in the southern part Pilsen region the roads are slippery and at higher altitudes under a layer of snow. In Klatovsk, where it snowed all night, the roads are covered with slush, while in Šumava they are covered with a layer of snow. Similarly, in the Ore Mountains, there is snow on the roads at higher altitudes. However, since there was little snow in the Karlovy Vary region at night, the roads are passable with caution.

There is also slushy snow on the D5 highway near Pilsen. There have also been accidents on the slippery road, the highway is closed in several places, according to information from the Directorate of Roads and Highways (ŘSD). A lorry accident closed traffic on 139.9 kilometers of the D5 highway near Rokycan in the direction of Prague. A truck has broken through the center barriers, the highway is closed. Another accident happened just a few kilometers further and in the opposite direction to Rozvadov, where the truck crashed into a ditch on the 121.9 kilometer highway. Columns form on the highway at this point as well. The truck accident also stopped traffic on 67.3 kilometers of the highway in the direction of Prague. A crashed truck is blocking all lanes of traffic there.

The situation in Moravia

Night snowfall and temperatures slightly below zero made it difficult in South Moravian region transport this morning. Although the main roads are mostly passable with caution after chemical treatment, drivers on the road from Brno to Svitavy near Krhova in Blanensko must be careful about problems with a stuck truck.

Because of the ice, there are still no regular buses to some municipalities in different parts of the region, and in some places connections are delayed due to waiting for sprinkler trucks, according to information on the websites of the Road Administration and Maintenance of the South Moravian Region and the Integrated Transport System of the South Moravian Region. These are lower class roads. Buses do not run in the morning to the villages of Zálesná Zhoř, Šervkovice and Hvozdec in the Brno region, Němčičky, Hostim, Prokopov, Jiřice near Moravské Budějovice and Boskovštejn in the Znojem region and Krhov in the Blanen region.

The Czech Republic experienced its first ice day on Thursday:

Drivers in a number of places in the country were troubled by ice or slush on the roads this morning.

The Czech Republic experienced an icy day. Traffic was complicated by snow and ice, D1 in the Vysočina was at a standstill

Road in mountainous areas Zlín region is covered by a layer of snow after the night’s heavy snowfall. The roads are passable, but dispatchers appeal for the necessary caution. In addition, ice can form in the highest parts of Vsetínsk, according to information from the Directorate of Roads and Highways. It is still snowing in the region, with road managers reporting up to 15 centimeters of fresh snow in the highest elevations.

In the highest positions Olomouc region up to 15 centimeters of snow fell overnight. The road workers have all the equipment in the field, they are still plowing and pouring. The roads are passable, but road administrators are urging motorists to be more careful, dispatchers told ČTK today. Caution is in order not only in the north of the region, but also in other districts, the snowfall has not yet stopped. In addition, the wind creates tongues of snow in some places.

The weather was causing problems already on Friday

Snow already complicated traffic in the Czech Republic on Friday evening. Blocked trucks blocked roads in the South Bohemian Region and Vysočina. The main route to Austria I/3 in the direction from Velešín to Dolní Dvořiště was impassable.

You can read more about Friday’s road situation here:

Snowfall on the road. Illustrative image

Snowfall again complicated traffic in the Czech Republic. Some roads are impassable

“From 11:00 a.m. to 6:30 p.m., we responded to 101 traffic accidents due to snow, which is gradually approaching twice the daily average number of such interventions (58). The situation is still slowly rising. With technical assistance in connection with the current weather situation, we dealt with 131,” informed the Czech Fire and Rescue Service

There were also problems with traffic on Friday at Václav Havel Airport in Prague. Flights were delayed by dozens of minutes. “Please note that due to the snowfall, there may be complications and minor delays today and tomorrow. Due to the traffic situation, we recommend that you also keep a sufficient time reserve for the trip to the airport,” the airport informed.

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