D6 construction is picking up pace. Next year, 50 kilometers of highway should be under construction


/OVERVIEW/ The D6 Prague – Karlovy Vary highway is currently one of the most under-construction traffic arteries in the Czech Republic. Builders are working on three sections in the Central Bohemian Region, this year the Directorate of Roads and Highways (ŘSD) wants to start work on the last section in the Ústí Region and at the turn of the year start the first of four in the Karlovy Vary Region. In 2025, fifty kilometers of this highway should be built in three regions.

Construction of the D6 highway near Krupá.

| Video: Diary/Petr Kinšt

The D6 in the direction of Prague now ends after 40 kilometers at Krušovice, the following three sections, the interchange at Krupá and the Hořesedel and Hořoviček bypasses, including the Jesenice intersection, are being built. This spring, the ŘSD wants to start construction work on the connecting and at the same time the longest section of D6 – a twelve-kilometer section in the south of the Ústí Region between the Jeseník junction and Lubenz. Tenders for contractors have been running since last May, and the deadline for submission of bids has been postponed several times by the ŘSD. The deadline is now February 7.

This year, ŘSD would like to start the construction of another section of the highway, less than eight kilometers between Knínice and Bošov in the Karlovy Vary Region. The section directly connects to the previously completed section Lubenec – Bošov and the Lubenec bypass. The ŘSD has purchased almost all the land, submitted applications for the issuance of building permits, an archaeological survey is being conducted on the site, and tender documentation for the selection of a contractor is being processed.

“This documentation should be ready roughly in the middle of 2024, and we should already be competing with contractors in the second half of the year. Construction should start at the turn of 2024 and 2025,” said Lukáš Hnízdil, the director of the Karlovy Vary administration of the Public Transport Administration.

However, the timing of the tendering process for highway construction is uncertain, if it were to take as long as the mentioned Jesenice intersection – Lubenec section, construction work would only start in 2025.

Sports hall in Rakovník.

Hundreds of thousands more. The operation of sports facilities in Rakovnick is more expensive than last year

Between Knínice and Bošov, the project envisages a total of 70 buildings, of which six are bridges – five on the D6 itself and one above it. It will also include one level crossing (MÚK Žlutice) near Knínice. The route of the freeway will run parallel to the existing road I/6 for approximately half, then in the western part it will deviate slightly in a southerly direction. At Verušiček, in the place of today’s gas station, construction of a rest area is planned as part of a separate investment.

In 2025, ŘSD plans to start the construction of two more sections in Karlovy Vary, namely Žalmanov – Knínice and Karlovy Vary – Olšová Vrata. This, together with the sections in the Central Bohemian and Ústí Regions, would mean that next year work will be done on fifty kilometers of the highway. The entire D6 between Prague and Karlovy Vary is to be completed in 2028.

What is being built (commissioning date):

6.5 km Krupá (2024)
9.2 km Hořesedly (2025)
5.2 km Hořovicky (2025)

Planned launch in:

12.1 km Jesenice junction – Lubenec (2026)
7.9 km Knínice – Bošov (2028)

7.0 km Žalmanov – Knínice (2028)
8.0 km Karlovy Vary – Olšová Vrata (2028)

7.3 km Olšová Vrata – Žalmanov (2028)

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Source: Diary/ Josef Rod


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