Czech Press Photo won Riots in court. MAFRA photographers also scored

Czech Press Photo won Riots in court. MAFRA photographers also scored
Czech Press Photo won Riots in court. MAFRA photographers also scored

Roman Vondrou in the series Temperance at court, known as the photo taken last year, captured several people who went to the District Court for Prague 8 on the 26th of April 2023 to support the charges. They persecuted and killed Milan Kubek’s fake Czech Laskak Chamber during the coronavirus pandemic.

Not only about us, even though the Czech and Slovak flags are depicted on it. It is a lie, first of all, about the current times, when aggressiveness and a radical approach to complex issues are constantly on the rise. “Skryt” sheds light on the rise of populism, which has been gaining attention ever since, Jury Chairman Petr Mlch said about the film in question.

The public is very clear about how things should be done, and this trend is not limited to us, but includes all of Europe. These phenomena are becoming more and more apparent and thus affecting our society in a global context, added jet.

Vtz then revealed that a similar situation does not occur. Sometimes it happens that the situation escalates and gets worse, as was the case in this case, said Vondrou. At first, it didn’t look like the guards were involved in the fight, but that changed within a few minutes and led to their collision with the police, justin str, and then with the tkodnoci. The photojournalist then has nothing else to do but really be as bad as possible with the potential risk of getting hurt, the reporter continued.

the photographers Topi and Bohov were also harvested in a rush

Photographers from the MAFRA company also scored again: Petr Topi won first place in the Everyday Life category; the jury was captivated by Mr. Kyiv at night. The photographer Anna Bohov then received the Canon Junior Award for the photo flow to the National Museum. In addition, this week the young photographer received the prize for the photo of the month.

Vondra’s photo in question comes from the series of the same name, which finished first in the Current Affairs category. This was won by Martin Divek (EPA) with sri Zemtesen in Turkey. Photographer Vondrou won first place in the Sport category and second place in the Culture category.

By the 29th of March, 236 authors from Czech Republic and Slovakia had submitted their work to the Czech Press Photo competition. They announced this at a ceremony in the National Museum. The installation of Czech Press Photo 2023 can also be seen in the New Buildings from today until the 31st of April.

Czech Press Photo 2023 results

Roman Vondrou, TK / Vtrnosti u sudů

Martin Divek, EPA / Zemtesen in Turkey

Luk Bba, Economia, as / President Petr Pavel’s journey to the Castle

Petr Topi, Mafra, as / Kyiv at night

To Tom Benedik, Denk N / Robert Fico returns

Jan Jirkovsk / Alcohol

Petr David Josek, AP / World Cup in football, Qatar, December 2023

Milan Jaro, Respekt / We too were supposed to disappear in Russia

Michal Fanta, HZS R / Pory ecko


Category young ci
Daniela and Kristna Tkikov / Light and heat for Ukraine

Old category
Antonn Martin imek / photo from the Vidm file

Medium bike category
Klra Mia Kremerov / Roma wedding


    • The novelty of the summer ronk is price of eskho radio Radiournlwhich was acquired by Majda Slmov for sria Russian rocket fire at a residential building in the Ukrainian Dnipro.
    • Canon Junior Award for the young author, Anna Bohov from the media house Mafra, a.s., bought a picture of the unrest in front of the National Museum.
    • Appreciate Good left committee The Olga Havlov Foundation was founded by David Neff from the media house Seznam First for the boxer in a wheelchair series.
    • Ada Award of the United Nations High Commission for Refugee Women (UNHCR) found Jana Plavec for documenting Ukrainian foster families.
    • Special TK scholarship for a young author under the age of 26, Michal Zelinka won for a picture from the inauguration of the new president, Petr Pavel.
    • In cooperation with the company Samsung a prize was awarded to Luka Kabo for the series called the Pro Tour Tournament of the Elite category in pool volleyball in Ostrava.

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