Speakers of the year are Sochor from Tipsport and Cimbala from the Prague Prosecutor’s Office

Speakers of the year are Sochor from Tipsport and Cimbala from the Prague Prosecutor’s Office
Speakers of the year are Sochor from Tipsport and Cimbala from the Prague Prosecutor’s Office

Zdenk Kov of Plzeškho Prazdroj won the silver medal in the category of the best speech of the private sector, and Klra Divkov of Letit Praha won the bronze medal.

In the category Best public and non-profit sector speaker, Jakub Ghanem of the Brno Municipal Police took second place, while PR and marketing manager of the Czech Bank Association, Radek Ala, took second place.

In the PR category that year, the communicator team of the non-profit organization hunters in distress finished in second place, and this place was occupied by the defunct election team of President Petr Pavel.

Leton received the award from a total of 248 nominations from newspapers and an expert in the field of communication and PR.

A jury made up of prominent journalists and communication experts evaluated the candidates in the following categories: Best speech of the private sector, Best speech of the public and non-profit sector and PR of the year.

Communication has a huge influence on the reputation of institutions and companies. The award-winning Speaker of the Year recognizes professionals in the field who deliver really top-notch work and excel in their field not only from the point of view of daily tactics, but also long-term strategy. Moreover, these experts understand the media very well and cooperate with them in synergy, stated the chairman of the Executive Committee of the PR Club, Pavel Vlek.

He added that a good reputation and the ability to understand the values ​​associated with a given brand, together with an understanding of the target market, are key factors for a successful and sustainable functioning and attainable goals of the organization and the brand in the long term.

Kadoron’s award-winning Speaker of the Year highlights the work of those who systematically demonstrate a high level of professionalism, combined with ethical standards and transparency in the field of communication, recalled the executive editor of the PR Club, Michaela Piiov.

Pipojila, which was decided by 22 female experts, half of whom sit on the jury regularly. This makes it possible to monitor and compare the progress and results of the work of peak communicators over time, she highlighted.

The PR Club announced the win during a gala gala at the Stages Hotel Prague.

Last year, the prize for the best speech in the private sector went to Pavel Jna, PR manager and Czech representative of the Koda Auto company. Miroslav epick, communications editor of the Vlkov Family Foundation, received the award for Best Speaker of the Public and Non-Profit Sector. That year, the title of PR was awarded by the Hasisk Conservation Corps of the Czech Republic.

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