Bushkovice want to be angry. Two winter reinforcements are also to torment the top of the championship


First Černčice, second Dobroměřice junior and third Buškovice. After the autumn, however, the bronze team of the Louna district football championship intends to torment the two socs who are currently above them in the table.

Buškovice (in green) in the match against Vyškov. Baník intends to be among the favorites of the district championship in the spring as well.

| Photo: Deník/Jaroslav Tošner

“You’re right, we’re third after the fall and we intend to upset the competition from the top,” says Jaromír Trávníček, chairman of TJ Baník Buškovice, with a smile.

If only home matches were to be evaluated, Baník, who ended the autumn part with a 5:0 win over Žiželice, would be only three points behind the leader. Buškovic, thanks to 13 goals of the team’s top scorer Milan Hrbik, lost only one game in front of their own audience!

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“In the fall, we won some matches with some luck. I believe that in the spring we will confirm that we belong to the forefront of the district championship,” the club boss outlined his ambitions for the near future.

Winter preparation should help to fulfill them. It started already on Saturday, January 13. The team completed 11 training units by the end of the month, there will be eight in February and seven in March before the start of the championship competition. Of course, preparatory meetings will be added to this. The first one will be on Saturday. “We will play the artist in Kryre with Tatran Podbořany. We will complete the physical training in home conditions, we have nutritious options here, we also go to the artist in the already mentioned Kryre, we will participate in the Kadaň tournament,” Trávníček specified the varied scenario of the winter training.

FK Postoloprty

Postoloprty is looking forward to the home football tournament. Launches on February 3rd

He is happy that no one will leave the successful autumn party. “We will keep the squad together. In addition, we are working on the arrival of two reinforcements. Negotiations with one player are in the final part, it is about to happen, but I do not want to reveal the name yet. And we are negotiating with the second footballer, but that is still in its infancy,” the chairman outlined possible personnel changes.

Baník Buškovice will start the spring part of the season on Saturday, March 23 from 15:00 on the field after the fall with only three points gained from the last group of the TJ Sokol Pátek table.


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