The governor visited several places around Prague Central Bohemian Region | News

The governor visited several places around Prague Central Bohemian Region | News
The governor visited several places around Prague Central Bohemian Region | News

The governor of Central Bohemia, Petra Pecková, went on a trip around the region again. This time she visited several places around Prague. The first stop was the modern warehouse of the company in Chrášťany.

“I was absolutely shocked there, because I saw how the logistics in the logistics area of ​​the company were actually managed by robots, four hundred of whom were driving there, and it seemed like science fiction to me, but it was reality. About twenty-four developers, who are employees of this company, are working on it, and it was absolutely amazing,” describes the Governor of the Central Bohemian Region, Petra Pecková (STAN).

The next visit was to the da Vinci School in Dolní Břežany, which offers personal development and education from kindergarten to high school.

“This is a school that allows children to really become responsible, to choose what they want to do in life and to go in that direction, even if it is the only student in the whole school, so that school will allow him to really specialize, ” explains Petra Pecková (STAN), Governor of the Central Bohemian Region.

“We try hard to guide children to be responsible for their education, solve things themselves, know how to communicate, know how to express their opinion and know how to solve conflicts. We also rely on a good atmosphere, we interact at school and strive for a partnership approach,” adds Jiří Bureš, director of the Da Vinci School in Dolní Břežany.

In the afternoon, the Governor of Central Bohemia headed to the Meandr coworking center in Řevnice.

“It’s a place where people can share their workplaces and they don’t have to work at home in their study or at the kitchen table, but they can go and rent a workplace,” says Petra Pecková (STAN), Governor of the Central Bohemian Region.

Just a few meters away is the cozy Modrý doměček café, which offers delicious cakes, desserts and savory pies. There’s just something a little special about her. It is a social enterprise that enables disabled people to be employed.

“We have been cooperating with Modrý domeček for a long time, they even had one all-day sale at the office of the Central Bohemian Region in the bistro as part of our activities, which we do once a month on Tuesdays, when the bistro is reserved for social enterprises that employ disabled people,” concludes the governor Central Bohemian Region Petra Pecková (STAN).

The program culminated in a meeting with the mayor and the public in Černošice, which was again very fruitful and brought a number of interesting ideas and initiatives that the Central Bohemian Region could implement.

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