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Wednesday, January 31, 2024, 3:00 p.m

The Prague city districts have received from the Prague administration for comment an amendment to the regulation, which deals with fees for towing and storing a car in a towing parking lot. Drivers still pay 1,900 crowns for full towing, the price introduced in 2012, the amendment raises the amount to three thousand. As the deputy mayor of Prague 3 Ondřej Rut (Greens) pointed out, the actual cost of such a towing is 4,952 crowns. In the years 2021-2022, a total of 26,026 different types of towing took place in Prague, with a similar number, even after the fee increase, the city would have paid almost 25 million crowns for this year. Should Prague raise the fees to the amount corresponding to the costs or do you still have to pay extra?

Question: Do you think it is enough to increase the fee for the complete towing of a car from 1,900 to 3,000 crowns or should the amount be higher?

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Sunday, January 21, 2024, 09:30Transport

Prague is planning to increase driver payments if the city allows them to have their vehicle towed. Prices for parking towed cars are also to increase. This follows from the proposal for amendments to the regulation, which the city districts are now recalling. While now paying for full…

Ondřej Prokop (YES)

It is important to note that vehicle towing is a process that is carefully regulated by law. It does not happen arbitrarily, but always after the fulfillment of strictly given criteria by the responsible authorities. In accordance with our role as good stewards, it is necessary to insist that honest and decent citizens should not pay for the misdeeds of criminals. Obviously, the towing fine should be high enough to act as an effective deterrent and make any potential offender think twice about taking the risk of parking in a prohibited zone. Therefore, I would be inclined to the option that the fine be in such an amount that covers the costs of towing the vehicle.

Jan Čižinský (Prague To Himself)

I don’t know why all taxpayers should subsidize the cost of towing and parking of towed vehicles. Forced towing and parking, including security in the parking lot, should not be subsidized from the MHMP budget. If someone accidentally parks one bike outside the parking line, I can imagine that the system will not penalize them so severely. But if someone blocks the street, for example, for the passage of an ambulance, and even repeatedly threatens human lives just so that he does not have to pay a few tens of crowns for parking, he should pay for the towing of such a vehicle in full.

Daniel Mazur (Pirates)

We have been saying for a long time that it is necessary to increase the car towing fee, because the current amount does not even cover the costs of the city. We consider the amount of 3,000 to be the starting price, which will still need to be corrected so that Prague does not have to pay extra for towing. It makes no sense for the capital city to subsidize the recklessness of some drivers. But first, the current formal comment process must be completed.

Milan Urban (SPD)

For the city to subsidize tow trucks with 25 million crowns is nonsense, so a tow truck for 5,000 crowns is logical. On the other hand, citizens must put pressure on coalition politicians, and we in the SPD do this so that the city builds more R+R and R+R and does not reduce the number of parking spaces. The opposite may be true, the number of parking spaces decreases with every reconstruction of public roads, mostly due to the widening of sidewalks.

Kateřina Arnotová (STAN)

In our opinion, the capital should not subsidize tow trucks. Drivers of poorly parked cars that have to be towed must pay the actual amount spent on towing the car.

Tomáš Portlík (ODS)

In general, the principle should apply that the city neither earns nor loses from towing. So that he charges for towing an amount corresponding to the total costs of towing the car. But for me, towing should work mainly for repeat offenders, the rules of paid parking zones can be enforced by fines themselves and their consistent enforcement. The other side of the story, and for me the more important one, is to prevent this relapse. And that will not work without the construction of new parking garages and the fairest possible rules for all Prague residents and visitors.

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