Gasoline and diesel prices continue to rise in Prague

Gasoline and diesel prices continue to rise in Prague
Gasoline and diesel prices continue to rise in Prague

Fuel prices at gas stations in Prague continue to rise, but more modestly than a week ago. The best-selling Natural 95 gasoline was sold in the capital on Wednesday for an average of 38.41 crowns per liter, a week ago it was five pennies cheaper.

Last week, the price of diesel rose by nine pennies to an average of 38.49 CZK/lv. This is according to data from CCS, which tracks prices. Fuel in Prague remains the most expensive in comparison to other regions.

Fuel prices in the capital have been falling since November, the hike started a week ago. But prices are now lower than a year ago, when gasoline was 85 halters more expensive per liter and a liter of diesel cost 81 halers more.

The cheapest fuels in the metropolis are sold in Prague 9, petrol at gas stations there costs an average of CZK 37.53/l, diesel for CZK 37.58/l. Motorists pay the most for fuel in Prague 7, for Natural 95 on average 39.40 CZK/l and for diesel 39.80 CZK/l.

Across the country, the average price of gasoline is CZK 36.77/l and diesel is CZK 36.76/l. The cheapest fuel is filled by drivers in the Ústí Region, where a liter of gasoline costs 36.17 crowns on average and diesel costs 36.18 CZK.

Average fuel prices in Prague as of January 31, 2024 (in CZK/l, source CCS):

District Natural 95 Oil
Prague 2 39,30 39,30
Prague 3 38.05 38.07
Prague 4 39.35 39,40
Prague 5 37.95 38.15
Prague 6 38.40 38,29
Prague 7 39,40 39.80
Prague 8 38.97 39.23
Prague 9 37.53 37.58
Prague 10 38,49 38,41
Prague 38,41 38,49
CR 36.77 36.76

Source: ČTK

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