Gorilla mom Duni is exercising with her one-month-old daughter at the Prague Zoo


Duni is a freshman, so although she saw how to care for a young one in her home garden in Cabárcen, Spaintaking care of her first-born daughter is a completely new experience for her.

Therefore, he often examines the cub, checks it and at the same time stretches it a little, which benefits his health,” explains head primate keeper Martin Vojáček. Such a stretch has a similar effect as when you massage the baby’s tummyso that farts don’t bother him.

Privilege of Kamba

Duni has already received a lot of trust to the deserving “aunt” Kamba. As the first and so far the only time she allowed her to touch her daughter for a long time. Kamba was born in the wild in approximately 1972. So this year she is already 52 years old and is the oldest of the Prague gorilla family.

This is how Duni let Kamba caress her one month old baby. Prague Zoo – Martina Šmelová and team

End of voting

Until 2 p.m. today, people can choose a name for Duna’s baby in a public poll. They are in the game Mobile, Team or Mosâm. Baptisms will take place on Saturday, February 10.

Gorilla mom Duni won't let go of her first-born daughter.

Gorilla mom Duni won’t let go of her first-born daughter.

Author: Karel Kopáč

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