The power plant was also destroyed by air raids and communists. Beer is being brewed in it now


The first phase of the reconstruction of the former power plant and the current brewery is over. Architects from the Mimosa studio are still working on other changes. In the future, there could be a hall for up to 500 people in the premises of Plzeňské Prazdroj.

The power plant was built on the premises of Plzeňské Prazdroje in 1906 and provided energy for the brewery and part of the city until 1995.

Industrial building, created as part of the so-called Spalk project. Within its framework, several buildings were built between 1904-1907 – a power station, a de-ironing station, a Rouden waterworks, a water tower and a river waterworks. They were supposed to ensure the area’s self-sufficiency.

You can see what the former power plant will look like in the following gallery.

In the past, the power plant building underwent several changes in technology, but none of them brought significant benefits, rather the opposite. Before the end of World War II, the power plant was heavily damaged by an Allied air raid during the bombing of Pilsen, and it took approximately half a year before it was put into operation again. But the years of the communist regime had the worst effect on it, when the former “temple of progress” turned into a dirty boiler room.

The modern history of the industrial building began to be written in 2019, Plzeňský Prazdroj came up with the idea of ​​turning it into a brewery. The building was rehabilitated and statically secured, the first phase of reconstruction according to the Mimosa Architekti studio project is complete. Beer is brewed in one part of the building, and a social hall for up to 500 people will be created in the other.

Architect Synek: Domestic architectural competitions are of high quality, studios from abroad are also interested in them


Foreign studios are very interested in projects in the Czech Republic. Also because of the large number of competitions. Moreover, they are relatively open and their quality has also improved over the last 10 years. “At the same time, nobody in the country has yet come across that the competition was manipulated,” explains Ondřej Synek, co-owner of the architectural studio re:architects, in the next episode of the Realitní Club podcast.

Petra Jansová

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“We preserve historical elements that make sense even for today’s use. We don’t want to demolish unnecessarily. An essential part of our proposal is to correct the way the building was treated in the period after the Second World War,” the architects explain how they think about the reconstruction.

In the interior, they plan to use the equipment of the former electrical switchboard as well as the bridge crane and other objects and surfaces.

It hosted the cream of the First Republic and Masaryk. How does one live in a luxurious villa now?


Villa Bianca is one of the most luxurious in Bubenč. While it has retained its historic character from the outside, it has not. Thanks to the reconstruction, the interior of one of the apartments there is reminiscent of the 1920s.

Petra Jansová

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The cottage in the Giant Mountains was designed by architects from the ADR studio

PHOTO GALLERY: Are Krkonoše cottages more stylish than those in the Alps?


Stylish cottages are growing like mushrooms under the rain in the Giant Mountains. They sensitively fit into the surroundings and offer their owners every comfort. One of the most recent realizations is the Haj cottage on Pomezní hreben. It was designed by architects from the ADR studio.

Petra Jansová

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Newstream CLUB magazine

The topic of the second issue of the business-lifestyle quarterly is guidance on how to succeed globally, how to conquer the world and enjoy it.

On the front page, we present neurologist Martin Tolar. His company, Alzheon, is the closest of any pharmaceutical company in the world to achieving this approval of a drug for Alzheimer’s disease. What did he have to sacrifice and how difficult was it to establish himself in the USA?

“America is magical in that if you have the desire to do something, you have the stamina and enthusiasm, it will help you. It is a country full of people who came there with one suitcase and built a whole life there from nothing, only from their dreams,” says Tolar in the magazine’s main interview.

And the magazine also presents a number of stories of personalities who have succeeded in the world. Eduard Kučera for example, he tells how difficult it was to find a suitable asset manager and explains why he finally decided to have most of his investments in the US.

Architect Petr Štefek worked in London with Norman Foster and describes the differences between the global London scene and Prague.

Legendary investor Gabriel Eichler then he describes his journey from the USA back to Czechoslovakia and how his know-how helped build a free economy there.

How to get a child to Oxford?

It is every parent’s dream to prepare their offspring for the best starting conditions for life, career and success in the world. However, it costs money and time. And for that, you need to make a whole series of right decisions, from choosing a high school to clubs and other extracurricular activities. But it can be a reward studying at some of the most prestigious universities in the world on both sides of the Atlantic and the Pacific. How to really make the right decisions will be advised by the most qualified experts in the second issue of Newstream CLUB magazine, which is currently being published. It is available in the Lagardère network of newsagents and online

The next issue of Newstream CLUB magazine will be published in March.

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