The police in Mosta chased the driver of the four-wheeler. He had a clear reason


The traffic police in Most recently caught the driver of a four-wheeler who was speeding away and did not respond to calls to stop. After being caught, it was found that he has a driving ban from 2021. He was unable to present the necessary documents to the police. Now he faces suspicion of committing a crime, for which he faces up to two years in prison.

Police of the Czech Republic. Illustrative photo.

| Photo: CTK

The police in Most informed how it all happened. “In the afternoon, the traffic police officers noticed a four-wheeler in Rudolická Street in Mostecka, which was not properly fitted with a registration plate. When the driver of the motor vehicle saw the flashing blue beacons, he started driving down Pod Lajsníkem Street. He probably wanted to shorten the journey there, so he drove onto the grassy area of ​​the park. He continued to drive. The motorist only obeyed repeated calls to stop in Vtelenská Street, because he could no longer continue driving,” said Václav Krieger from the Mostek police.

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The fact that the driver did not submit a single necessary document for driving and operating the vehicle suddenly became clear. “From 2021, the man has a valid ban on driving all motor vehicles, which was issued by the District Court in Most. The same decision was also issued by the Prague 4 District Court. It decided on a further punishment of a driving ban until 2026. Traffic police officers restricted the 29-year-old driver to personal freedom. He had the missing license plate in his backpack, but the ATV was towed away until the operator can pick it up,” added Krieger.

A man from Obrnice received a report from the police on suspicion of committing the crime of obstructing the execution of an official decision and report. If found guilty, he faces up to two years in prison.


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