In the Czech Republic, it will warm up to over 10 degrees at the weekend. But it can snow in the mountains


In the Czech Republic, it will warm up to over ten degrees Celsius from the weekend. The sky will be cloudy to overcast with showers or rain, it may even snow in higher altitudes. This follows from the forecast on the website of the Czech Hydrometeorological Institute (ČHMÚ). On Thursday morning, according to his warning, ice may form especially in the north and northwest of Bohemia.

Unusually warm winter. Illustrative image

| Photo: CTK

On Thursday, temperatures in the Czech Republic will rise during the day to eight degrees Celsius, on Friday to seven degrees, and it may even freeze at night. The warning against weak ice is valid today until 09:00 a.m. for part of the Central Bohemia, Ústěk, Liberec and Hradec Králové Regions, in the eastern part of the South Bohemia Region and in Jeseníky.

From the northwest, rain or showers will spread across the Czech Republic on Thursday, with snowfall above 800 meters above sea level. It can snow later and on Friday also in locations above 500 meters above sea level. Meteorologists expect similar weather with rain and showers over the weekend as well, but the snowfall limit will move significantly higher due to warming.

At night and on Wednesday morning, there is a risk of frost in most of the Czech Republic

Temperatures during the day can reach up to ten degrees Celsius on Saturday, 12 degrees on Sunday and 13 degrees on Monday. According to the forecast, it will also be above average warm in the following days of next week. Temperatures will no longer be below zero even at night.


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