Smartwings want to build a new hangar on Ruzyna, they won the tender

Smartwings want to build a new hangar on Ruzyna, they won the tender
Smartwings want to build a new hangar on Ruzyna, they won the tender

The hangar would be used for aircraft maintenance.

The airline company Smartwings is interested in the construction of a hangar for aircraft maintenance at the Prague airport. The carrier’s spokeswoman, Vladimíra Dufková, told Deník

“We are currently implementing other steps related to this, such as a feasibility study, project documentation and so on,” explained Dufková.

According to Prague Airport spokesperson Klára Divíšková, the building should be built in the southern part of the complex on a plot of land with a size of 6,887 square meters. Smartwings applied for the establishment of building rights in a tender announced by Prague Airport last year. Dufková specified that Smartwings’ offer for the construction and operation of the building was placed first in the order.

Smartwings has been talking about the construction of a hangar on Ruzyna for several years, mentions of the new facility for the so-called light or track maintenance of aircraft can be found in articles from 2016 or 2018, for example.

“The size of the hangar is limited by the maximum parkability of the area in this part of the airport and corresponds to the area requirements for the hangar of two category C aircraft,” stated in 2018 the airport’s spokesman at the time, Roman Pacvoň. Category C includes the majority of aircraft using Prague Airport, they are ordinary A319 or B737 type machines.

Until now, hangars E, F and S are available at Ruzyna for the maintenance of aircraft of this category. Hangars F and S are used by Czech Airlines Technics, hangar E is used by Smartwings. Back in the fall, the carrier confirmed considerations about setting up a new repair facility for heavy aircraft maintenance at the airport in České Budějovice.

“Smartwings very strongly declares that they would like to build aircraft repair halls at the South Bohemian airport. We could provide them with a large part of the area, which is only for air traffic and nothing else can be there. It would lead to us having that company based here,” said the Governor Martin Kuba at one of the meetings of the South Bohemian Council.


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