This is the government: Another blow by STAN to ODS. “I don’t understand, I don’t understand…”

This is the government: Another blow by STAN to ODS. “I don’t understand, I don’t understand…”
This is the government: Another blow by STAN to ODS. “I don’t understand, I don’t understand…”


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It can be said that the Minister of the Interior Vít Rakušan (STAN) lit a real fire with his video clip from the volleyball locker room, which will cost not only the government, but also the regional coalition STAN and ODS a lot of effort to put out, if it can be extinguished at all. So far, the latest case of attacks by STAN politicians on their colleagues from the ODS is the proposed purchase of Robin Oil gas stations by the state enterprise ČEPRO, which was recommended to the government by the Minister of Finance Zbyněk Stanjura (ODS).

“I don’t understand. I don’t understand,” began her post on the X social network of Central Bohemian Region Governor Petra Pecková (STAN) with a sigh and at the same time a confession, which she further developed by remarking that somewhere in the Central Bohemian Region there is even a lottery for places for children in primary schools.

“We are fighting for every penny from the state to establish primary schools, because first-graders are chosen by lottery in some cities when enrolling in school, and then we will buy one pump for 60 million,” specified her other concerns, the governor, who is sure that the government in it fails in this respect.

“The state cannot operate this, and it is not a strategic infrastructure either. I really don’t understand,” she confirmed once again that the matter is completely beyond her understanding and referred to the contribution of her party colleague, who defined himself in a similar way at the end of last year.

“I’m sick of this,” wrote one of the leaders of the STAN candidate for the European Parliament, Jan Farský (STAN), at the time, and continued by saying that he blamed the government, in which his movement also sits, for, among other things, a “brutal budget deficit” and admitted the lack money for energy.

“There is no money for education, there is no money for energy, we have a brutal budget deficit, but there is money to buy gas stations? Why, Zbyňka Stanjura,” asked the politician at the end, who also became known for his idea that he would be a “deputy” from the United States of America for almost a year.

At the same time, he also pointed to the lack of information of the STAN ministers regarding some of the government’s steps.

“I asked our ministers, but they didn’t get the info…”

We wrote about the mentioned purchase of the gas station network HERE.

The CEO of Čepra, Jan Duspeva, would probably disagree with the words of the Central Bohemian Governor that the state does not know how to do business in the given segment.

“For further growth and service development in the coming years, an offer to purchase a competing network appears to be another way to increase added value. The purchase of Robin Oil means for Čepro a direct economic effect and a market share that has a specific value,” he justified the new acquisition of Čepro, whose profit in recent years has been around 2 billion crowns for SeznamZprá his boss

Let us add that this case is certainly not the only one in which the STAN movement hits the coalition partner ODS, with which STAN is in both the government and the Central Bohemian coalition. As another example, the Central Bohemian Governor Pecková’s (STAN) report on the events at the regional council, which she posted on her Facebook account in the colors of the new campaign of the STAN movement, with the fact that under these colors and the STAN logo she also included information about the planned repairs of Central Bohemian roads , which the STAN movement does not have, because they fall precisely under the ODS.

As for other disputes that STAN has recently “pulled” against ODS, we can mention, for example, the demand for a significant increase in income tax, which was aimed directly at the pre-election promises of ODS and the SPOLU coalition, or the promotion of a common European currency, which STAN is a supporter of and ODS, on the other hand, has in its program the preservation of the crown.

One cannot fail to mention the controversies regarding the promotion of so-called marriage for all, or the approval of the Istanbul Convention. But the biggest straw was probably the Austrian video mentioned at the beginning of the article, in which the STAN movement directly distances itself from the government and suggests that if it were not in the coalition, it would act diametrically differently.

Prime Minister Fiala is even mentioned, to whom the Austrian will “tell all this now”.

Undoubtedly, the situation was not helped by the Austrian’s No Censorship tours, where he destabilized not only the government, but also the economic situation regarding ČEZ, or promised to raise wages, which he did not consult with the ODS in advance.

Many are beginning to see a certain ingratitude in this, considering that Prime Minister Petr Fiala (ODS) supported Vít Rakušan and his movement at a time when the Dozimeter case, which is directly linked to Rakušan’s movement, stirred the Czech media space and when voters demanded the departure of STAN from the government.

There is talk of throwing down the gloves and an open confrontation between STAN and ODS. However, Prime Minister Petr Fiala remains calm.

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author: Martin Hummel


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