The rules for official gender reassignment are tearing the coalition apart


There is still no political will to amend the law.

“It is obvious that the Czech government has been lagging behind in the issue of abolishing the condition of castration for official gender recognition for several decades and long ago missed the chance to fully meet its international obligations. Therefore, it is necessary to arrange a remedy as soon as possible,” the organizations urged in the letter.

“Your government conveys that it is setting a pro-Western course, but by ignoring the real discrimination against minorities, we have no chance to move in this direction,” LGBTQ+ support organizations said.

According to the spokesperson of the Trans*parent organization, Daniel Zikmund, almost fifteen hundred people supported the initiative with their signatures, and others are joining. This is not a petition, but a show of support.

An amended law that would rectify the situation is currently being prepared at the Ministry of Justice. A medical certificate of gender identity disorder could be sufficient to change the gender in the documents.

Up to forty percent of people from the LGBTQ+ community suffer from depression, and psychiatrists meet for them

That is why the organizations appealed to Fiala not only as prime minister, but also as chairman of the ODS. His response has not yet been received by the editors. However, unity cannot be expected even among the people. “We haven’t had a discussion at the club yet. I assume that it will not be easy to find a common position,” said Tom Philipp, deputy chairman of the People’s Party. He himself would prefer to replace the requirement of irreversible damage to the body, especially for young people, with another condition.

The idea, on the other hand, was supported by the head of the Pirates, Ivan Bartoš. “We want all people to have equal rights and to be treated with equal dignity and respect. “Pirates have long been pushing for an end to mandatory sterilization of trans people for official sex change,” he emphasized.

TOP 09 and STAN are also positive about the change. “We agree that the obligation of castration should disappear. We consider it pointless and are ready to vote for it. We even urged within the coalition to speed up the negotiations,” said Michaela Šebelová, vice-president of the Starosts.

“TOP 09 unequivocally supports the change in the law in this matter,” said party chairwoman Markéta Pekarová Adamová.

Criticism of neighboring countries

Only some Balkan states and Latvia require mandatory sterilization. There have been no social or legal problems in any of the countries where rights have been settled and the condition withdrawn. The Ministry of Justice has already emphasized this.

For several years, government politicians have faced criticism from international human rights organizations for their inactivity. Most recently from UN members at last year’s human rights review.

Even the domestic Constitutional Court deals with the complaint of a trans man (formerly a woman) who undergoes hormonal transformation (to a man), but refuses to undergo castration. He considers it a violation of his rights.

The amendment to the law is important not only for transgender people who cannot or do not want to undergo surgery for health reasons, but also for juveniles. Sexologists encounter gender identity disorder in them more and more often. In many cases, however, it is rather a phase associated with adolescence. In order to obtain equal rights, however, they are forced by laws to surgically remove the genitals. It is possible from the age of eighteen. If someone wants to reverse the change years later, it is difficult.


Should it be possible to officially change your gender without castration?

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Sex change without castration? Also because of the juveniles

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