Provocation and playing with emotions as marketing. And what is the new director of CT planning? Does StarDance belong on screens?


That was probably not part of the marketing to make Vít Rakušan look like an idiot, Daniel Kaiser comments on the minister’s statement that the state is working on the nationalization of ČEZ. Although the minister later denied the statement, the speculations in the media and political sphere immediately started in full swing. Economist Miroslav Zámečník also predicted what shareholders can look forward to. Is Vít Rakušan going to play a more prominent role in domestic politics than just the chairman of STAN and a government minister?

Dalibor Balšínek, Tereza Matějčková, Jiří Peňás and Daniel Kaiser also discussed personnel changes at the Castle and a great interview from Echo Weekly with the director of Czech Television, Jan Souček, at the Echo Forum. Does it belong to CT detective stories? Does television invest enough in news? And there was also a discussion about whether StarDance belongs on the screens of public television. You can find the complete audio and video version of the Echo Consultation HERE.

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