A huge show! Olomouc is among the eight best Czech and Slovak teams

A huge show! Olomouc is among the eight best Czech and Slovak teams
A huge show! Olomouc is among the eight best Czech and Slovak teams

The basketball players of BK Redstone Olomouc celebrate a sensational advance to the final tournament of the Czechoslovak Cup. In the exciting quarter-final, they won 91:86 in Pardubice with a well-managed finish, and from February 14 they will play the Final8 in Prague.

Basketball players from Olomouc are celebrating with their supporters staying in the top competition.

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The home team had a better start. Feštr responded to their 7:2 lead with a three-pointer, yet in the fourth minute the guests made up a six-point deficit. But then they were able to get closer to the difference of a single point, and from the fifth minute on, the opponents changed the lead six times. He adjusted the score of the first quarter to 23:23 for Pardubice at the same time as Adamu’s horn.

The second quarter was also balanced for a long time, the fifteenth minute changed the situation. After an unsportsmanlike error by Townsend, Švrdlík gave four points, Šafarčík added another and rounded the home advantage to ten points – 39:29. Olomouc pressed on and halved its deficit by halftime, losing 38:43.

The East Bohemians converted the first basket in the third ten-minute period, but Hanács fought as hard as they could and in the 25th minute reduced the score to 48:49 after a McBrayer hit. A minute later, Townsend even equalized with a three-pointer. Two minutes before the end of the quarter, Olomouc was leading for a while after Adamu’s break, but the score was 62:59 for Pardubice in the last half.

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The big cup battle culminated in the last five minutes, in which the rivals entered with a score of 74:74 after Townsedna’s three-pointer. The same player ensured Olomouc’s lead with another long-range attempt, supported by McBrayer. The home team equalized, but fifty seconds before the end, the Hanás were again ahead by two points after the subsequent smash, which was provided by Adamu. They defended the key leadership and confirmed that they are doing well in cup competitions this year.

Together with Olomouc, Nymburk and Děčín advanced, and the fourth Czech participant will be decided today between Brno and USK Praha.

Text: BK Redstone Olomouc

BK KVIS Pardubice – BK Redstone Olomouc 86:91 (23:22, 20:16, 19:21, 24:32)

Most points: Šafarčík 18, Vyoral 16, Chatman 10, Švrdlík 10, Marshall 9, Pekárek 9, Potoček 9, Burda 5 – Townsend 24, Adamu 23, Feštr 18, McBrayer 13, Vogt 9, Hemphill 2, Klepač 2.

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