The high school application system has failed


The Ministry of Education informed about the problems with the DiPSy system on Thursday morning. “The launch of electronic submission of applications to secondary schools (DiPSy) has been postponed due to complications with uploading attachments. Once Cermat resolves the issue, the system will be tested again for safety. We apologize for the complications. We will inform about the availability of the system,” said Fojtová.

According to the director of Cermat, Miroslav Krejčí, the system will probably start on Friday. Students, or their parents, can submit applications until February 20, according to Krejčí, the deadline is not changing.

Krejčí further stated that CERMAT will repeat the so-called penetration tests during Thursday, which will check the security of the system. I hope the system could be up and running by Friday evening.

COMMENT: The electronic application system is not working. How is it possible? – Josef Koukal

Fiala: It shouldn’t happen

“I am not happy that this situation has occurred, it should not affect the course of the admissions process. Something like this should not happen,” said Prime Minister Petr Fiala (ODS).

According to him, the matter is being handled by the Ministry of Education. “The system should be up and running as soon as possible,” added Fiala. “It is responsible to start the system when it is safe and functional,” the prime minister added.

Pupils will now be able to submit three applications instead of two, and use them to determine which school they want to attend the most. Applicants will be admitted to the fields based on the results of the unified entrance exam and their priorities.

The electronic application submission system is linked to basic registers. Therefore, the Digital and Information Agency (DIA) has strengthened the Citizen Identity system by 45 percent to withstand the expected surge of users. The Minister of Education Mikuláš Bek (STAN) and Cermat have repeatedly called on parents and applicants not to take advantage of the first and last minute opportunity to register, for which they have 20 days. The time and date of application to secondary schools does not affect the chance of admission to the school.

Try at least one matriculation field. Bek introduced a digital application system for secondary schools

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