Parking Socialism | Representatives’ opinions

Parking Socialism | Representatives’ opinions
Parking Socialism | Representatives’ opinions

Parking zones do not work, as can be seen in the increasing number of cars parked on sidewalks and corners. In Prague 3, there are 14.4 thousand parking spaces in the zones, and 14.7 thousand resident permits are issued. Especially in Žižkov and Vinohrady, the zones are bursting at the seams at night. However, the price for a resident permit is the same as I remember, and is equal to the price of one roll per day. A scarce item is given away at a symbolic price per ration. There are already a few more tickets than rolls. It’s kind of parking socialism. At the same time, the debate about the necessary significant price increase remains taboo, paradoxically, mainly for right-wing parties.

After years, the capital is preparing to reform the entire system. For now, there is silence about the price increase and there is a debate about changing the rules. The main innovation is supposed to be the cancellation of the possibility of a tradesman or any visit to park on blue for a short time and pay via mobile phone. Newly, it is to be done only on the basis of approval from a specific person with permanent residence. She registers in the system and receives a limited allotment of cheap credit, which she can give to whomever she wants via mobile phone.

The capital is also preparing to subsidize forced towing from its budget. Although he proposes to increase the towing price from CZK 1,900 to CZK 3,000, the actual costs are around CZK 5,000. There is only one towing vehicle in operation for the whole of Prague 3, which performs an average of two towings per day. In a situation where the city will continue to massively subsidize tow trucks, it cannot be expected that they will comply with appeals for their increase. This would also help to increase the number of parking spaces. Today, about one in ten cars is parked in unauthorized zones. Parking socialism continues.

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