We will take it away, the city districts refuse to charge for entry into the center of Prague

We will take it away, the city districts refuse to charge for entry into the center of Prague
We will take it away, the city districts refuse to charge for entry into the center of Prague

The resistance is really huge, and it seems paradoxical to me that this is the point where we are far from the center. The only city center that has anything to do with this is Prague 2. Therefore, if the cars divert from here to Jen and itn streets, they may have a problem. Therefore, they are the only ones who should set some conditions for the eviction, shared the Prague 1 councilor for transport Vojtch Ryvola (bezpp., elected for ANO) at the arrest of Pipomnkov women. Residents and their relatives, public transport or people with physical disabilities are exempt from the exclusion. On the contrary, the employees of this company or the service provider should pay.

The councilors of Prague 2 resolutely rejected this proposal and immediately called on the municipality to approach traffic calming in more systems.

It is not possible to take care of only the local area and thereby restore other parts of the city, especially when it comes to the city center and the Prague Memorial Reserve. On the other hand, systems must be put in place so that the reduction in traffic intensity occurs in the entire area to which Prague 2 belongs, not just in selected parts of Prague 1, according to Prague 2 councilor for transport Tom Halva (TOP 09).

Zt for Jena and itna

Halva also points out that, in addition to Jena, etc., the order could also be used for other areas, such as Resslova Street, Ranovo nbe or Karlovo nmst. In such a case, the famine would not only make life worse for the residents there, but it could mean a complication for public transport, especially on IP Pavlova.

Prague 6 has a very strong position. The councilors there agreed that at least two mayors must be appointed to protect the land of their town from the effects of the drought. We are talking about rebuilding the system of the entrance to the tunnels of the city ring so that there are no queues in front of the tunnels at the Pran Most and Malovanka interchanges. According to Prague 6, it would like the help of the animals to regulate the number of cars coming from the Stedoeskho region on Podbabsk, Evropsk, Karlovarsk and Horomick streets.

In connection with the proposed restriction of transit traffic in the center of Prague with the help of an entrance fee, a similar measure is also being introduced in the residential streets of Prague 6, where transit traffic outside of Estonian vehicles suffers. This concerns, for example, the area of ​​Oechovka and Malho Bevnov, says Prague 6 councilor for transport Ondej Matj Hrube (ODS). I heard from Prague 8 and 12 that the city can concentrate on the completion of the ring road.

Take it easy

Among the large city streets, there are also town halls that are critical of the proposed settlement. The leaders of Prague 11 even recommended the mayor to raise the toll rate. According to Michal Veselskho, councilor for the environment there (Prague 11 sob / Zelen), the historic center of Prague is unique in that its genius loci is degraded by car traffic.

However, Prague 11 councilor for transport Libor Vrko (HPP 11) did not vote for the resolution. According to him, if the toll does not affect the edge of the road in any way, it would set a precedent and, according to him, such areas with limited access will increase.

We don’t have peppermints for the proposal. Prague 7 will take measures to prevent trams and buses from getting stuck in traffic jams in the city center. For us, the key is to prevent the reconstruction of tram lines 12 and 17, and the regulation of transit through Star Msto and Malá Strana will help this, according to Prague 7’s Martin Voku.

From Friday, the magistrate will start processing peppermints until the end. The document will then be put on the table of the councilor of the capital. But the coalition is far from united at the moment. In particular, from the ODS party, there was criticism of the imprudence of Zdek Hib, the Deputy Minister for Transport in Pirt. In addition, a number of large city centers are first led by the Obant Democrat, which puts pressure on their municipal colleagues.

As in several cases in the past year, two councilors from ad Starost can decide with their votes. The councilor and subsequently the representative should decide on the eviction by the end of the spring. She could pay in the fall.

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