VIDEO: Another section of VMO in Brno. See where and how the Ostrava radial will lead


/VISUALIZATION/ The future construction of the Ostrava Radial will affect four Brno city districts. It will be in the territory of Černovice, Slatina, Židenice and Lišně. This is another part of a large urban circuit. The Directorate of Roads and Highways and the City of Brno presented a visualization of the construction.

A part of Brno awaits a transformation. See how the Ostrava radial will look like.

| Video: RSD

According to the director of the Brno plant of the state road workers, David Fiala, the goal is to transfer east-north transit traffic outside the inhabited area of ​​Židenice. “This part a large urban circuit it will also solve the current problem with a large number of left turns that complicate traffic from the city center to Vinohrady and Líšně, and, among other things, inappropriate connections to the surrounding areas,” outlined Fiala.

At the moment, the draft of the documentation for territorial management is ready, and comments on it continue with subsequent refinement. “We anticipate the start of construction work in 2027 and its completion three years later,” announced Fiala.

The Ostrava radial is challenging due to the limited spatial options due to the existing railway lines, railway siding and tram line.

“Part of the construction is, among other things, the construction of three level crossings, the relocation of the tram line, the addition of three kilometers of cycle routes and six kilometers of pedestrian routes,” said Lucie Trubelíková, spokeswoman for the Directorate of Roads and Highways.

In addition to the state road authorities, the city of Brno will also be an investor in the construction. “We currently have a cooperation agreement concluded with the directorate, thanks to which it was entrusted with property law preparation. In cooperation with Brno Communications, we are currently negotiating with property owners in the area in order to speed up construction preparation as much as possible.” said transport councilor Petr Kratochvíl.

Concreting of the bridge on Tomková náměstí in Brno on the last weekend of January.

Traffic restrictions on Brno’s Tomkova náměstí. They will concrete another VMO bridge

According to Brno Mayor Markéta Vaňková once completed, the radial will ensure a smooth and safe passage for drivers and better living conditions and greater safety for the residents of the adjacent areas. “Part of the construction is the necessary addition of missing pedestrian routes and cycle paths. In addition, a large amount of greenery will be planted,” added Vaňková.


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