The technical services of the city of Chomutova will collect organic waste year-round in the new year


Chomutov – Technical services of the city of Chomutov will start exporting organic waste from Chomutov households in January. New in biowaste collection for this year is the year-round collection schedule, which starts in January and ends in December. The working group for the new concept of waste management also plans to increase the number of containers for bio-waste in apartments and houses.

It is estimated that bio-waste constitutes up to 40% of normally produced domestic waste. If plant biowaste is sorted into containers for biodegradable material, it is further used for the production of compost. In this way, the valuable substances contained in the bio-waste are then used. “It is very important to distinguish between what belongs and what does not belong in the brown bio-waste bin. Biological waste is generated not only in gardens, but also in normal household operations. Its creation is a standard part of every food preparation process, so it is clear that the total amount of bio-waste produced will not be negligible,” comments Dagmar Mutinská, head of the environment department.

Bio-waste includes, for example, leaves, grass, sod with soil, plant remains, pieces of branches, but also the aforementioned bio-waste from the kitchen. These are, for example, the remains of fruit and vegetables, edges from potatoes, carrots, tea bags, as well as coffee grounds or egg shells. On the other hand, bio-waste does not include liquid food residues, oils, bones and meat, nor, for example, non-biodegradable or difficult-to-degrade bio-waste. This category includes pet bedding, paper diapers, cigarette butts or the contents of vacuum cleaner bags.

The current number of containers for bio-waste at family houses is approximately 1,000 pieces with a volume of 120 liters. For the other objects, there are approximately 40 containers with a volume of 1,100 liters, and also containers with a volume of 1,100 liters are placed at most gardening colonies. “Now the Working Group for a new concept of waste management is setting goals in this area, and one of them is to increase the number of containers for both single-family homes and apartment buildings,” adds Mutinská.

Collection dates from individual areas are available on the Technical Services website.

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