He murdered a taxi driver in cold blood: Ivan P. (27) will serve 17.5 years! He must pay the survivors a million


A witness watched the bloody scene in November 2022, and what she said is chilling. She was involved in the crime when she was walking along Bryksova Street at the time in question, and out of nowhere, a call for help was heard: “I went to that car and I saw the perpetrator and some man under it, I saw that the vehicle was covered in blood and so I thought I should call an ambulance,” said the witness. Shortly after that, the call for help was to be heard again: “When we heard help again, I saw the perpetrator trying to close the car door. He got out of the car first, then he pulled the other one out of the car and then smoothly drove away,” she described the terrifying scene.

The witness did not hesitate and called for help. But it was probably too late for the attacked taxi driver. A man who ran up to the witness and the bleeding driver moments after the defendant fled the scene described the horrors he witnessed: “In his last moments he screamed that he wanted to die. We told him that it would be good, he turned around in different ways. He had an absent look, after a while he lost consciousness completely, the police and an ambulance arrived at the scene and tried to revive him, but it was probably too late.”

Not even the defendant knows the motive

The defendant Ivan P. did not deny his guilt from the beginning of the trial. He confessed to the crime and the only question remained was the motive, which apparently is not known even to the perpetrator himself. He gave several different versions during the proceedings. On the one hand, he stated that he felt that his life was in danger and that is why he devised a plan to get to prison, where he said he would be safe. But he also explained his act by saying, for example, that his intention was primarily to seize the vehicle, which he would sell for spare parts.

Therefore, the court also dealt with the mental health of the accused man. However, according to experts, the man does not suffer from any serious mental illness that would explain his actions. “My colleague and I came to the conclusion that the assessee does not suffer from any mental disorder in the true sense of the word, i.e. psychosis. We established the issue of drugs, personality and forensically insignificant organic signs,” Gabriela Leblová, an expert in the field of psychiatry, said in court.

Footage of the arrest of a murder suspect. (November 22, 2022) Police of the Czech Republic

At the court, however, the opinions of experts were also heard, pointing out that Ivan P. is not at all well from a psychological point of view: “On the one hand, he has a head injury, a cognitive deficit, echoes of the use of psychoactive substances, low intelligence and a not very good social background.“, said psychologist Jiří Michalec in court. The tests carried out showed that Ivan P.’s IQ is lower than 85.

Jiří Sasák in court.

In her closing speech, State Attorney Taťána Prici suggested a sentence of half the statutory penalty for the defendant Ivan P., according to her, he should serve 18 years. The defendant’s defense attorneys, in turn, spoke about the fact that the court heard conflicting opinions from experts who did not agree on whether their client was sane at the time of the crime.

The defendant himself was very brief in his closing speech, apologizing to the survivors and expressing regret: “I am very sorry for what I did. I don’t know how to fix it all. Thank you for coming here” he told the court. He then added that his goal really was to get to prison: “TI killed the axicar to get to prison, I didn’t know what schizophrenia was, but apparently it was. When I walked into that store, I already wanted to go to jail. Maybe I will be able to get to the hospital and it will be easier for me,” he sternly told the court.

It was not the first time Ivan P. stood before the court

As a defendant, Ivan P. had previously appeared before the district court in Louny for breaking into a supermarket. But he did not take any loot, inside the store he only laid out various goods in the shape of a heart on the floor. He then wrote the name Alina in the middle of the heart, which he said was the girl he was in love with. He also got to taste several sweetened waters inside the store.

Footage of the arrest of a murder suspect. (November 22, 2022)

Footage of the arrest of a murder suspect. (November 22, 2022)

Author: Police of the Czech Republic

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