Like falling asleep on a train, carbon dioxide kills poultry from an infected farm

Like falling asleep on a train, carbon dioxide kills poultry from an infected farm
Like falling asleep on a train, carbon dioxide kills poultry from an infected farm

What goes on inside the area is hidden from the hunter. The fence separating the private property from the public space was quickly covered in dark fabric. From the road, which passes only half a meter from the Drebsk halls, only a large fire engine car can be seen.

Right in front of the company there is a specialized truck, from which carbon dioxide is removed from the morning, they are called mushrooms in cramped huts. This method was first tried in Esk in the same halls in 2007, when in Koson, just like this year, the fifth chipka was awarded.

It is the most humane way to kill. It leads to a gradual increase in the volume of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, which is called breath, said regional veterinarian Radek Axmann.

Smrtc compared the act to the syndrome of a train wreck. Just like in it, sit as a passenger and gradually exhale the air and fall asleep. The same is the case with breathing, but with the difference that the level of carbon dioxide rises to such a level that you gradually reach the state of the respiratory center. So the invitees will fall asleep and then they will be killed in an unconscious state, Axmann specified.

The strain of five chippy, which the veterinarians in Koson discovered in one of the halls, has a very high mortality rate of fifty percent.

After seventeen years in this town

The presence of the fifth chip was proven in only one of the ten halls, in others no signs have yet appeared. However, according to Axmann, this does not mean that the date is not in the incubation period of the disease. That is why they decided to kill all the guests.

If after 17 years the pta chip appears here again, the vets didn’t expect it. Nkaza was a specialty of small farms, where only the breeder does not follow the protection rules as in large farms. In the case of such a captive family farm, where the level of protection is high, it is always surprising to a certain extent, said f regional conservationists.

The dead bodies are then transported to the asana company in a container in specialized leak-proof containers. It is estimated to be about 300 tons of debris. Do not leave the koson arel, they will be decontaminated externally.

So send all the eggs to the processing plant, they will hatch into broilers.

The halls will be secured after liquidation. The bedding and the inside of the object will be sprinkled with a disinfectant solution that will work for 24 hours, after which it can be removed and washed. Disinfection stops after a week, after which the farm must remain without invitations for 30 days, and only then can breeding be resumed.

Strict hygiene regulations also apply to the disposal itself. It started this morning. The firemen had to seal the holes in the shacks and prepare the entrance to the gas station.

Seventeen years ago, we used this technology for the first time, we just learned it. Now we are secure, which is supported by good technology, said fire brigade commander Milan Vincenc.

Don’t tell the fire department gossip, leave it to the company’s employees. Thousands of fire extinguishers are in charge of preparing for disposal. Even the employees of the small company wear breathing apparatus and flea overalls. Even the firemen themselves admit that breathing in this mask is not easy at all.

Half an hour to get dressed, two hours to work, half an hour to decontaminate, describes the thodin’s work cycle, the commander of the fire brigade unit from Hluna, Betislav Kroulk.

According to an optimistic scenario, the liquidation could end on Saturday, then Sunday.

Tkilometer’s protection dog

A three-kilometer protection zone and a ten-kilometer surveillance zone were defined around the outbreak. In them, special veterinary measures are in place, which limit the breeding of raptors, inventories of the breeding of raptors are carried out, and mass events such as stock markets and bird cages, which pose a high risk of raptor diseases, are prohibited.

In addition to the fire department from the Pardubice Region and the employees of the Pardubice Regional Veterinary Service, the fire department of the rescue corps from Hluna and Jihlava also participated in the liquidation of the commercial farm in Koson. In the center, they built a decontaminated set and a ground for tb, fire brigade and gave people depending on one extraordinary event.

The company Mach Drbe is one of the largest producers of one-day broiler chickens in Czech Republic and Slovakia, according to information on the website, it has a 35 percent share of the poultry market.

2.5 million cuat delivered to breeders per week. The capacity of the farms is 2.1 million hens, which lay 300 million eggs a year. The company actually feeds me a broiler.

The company will have to liquidate breeding hens and roosters dedicated to the production of hatching eggs worth tens of millions of crowns.

According to Minister of Agriculture Marek Vbornho (KDU-SL), who informed about the occurrence of the H5N1 virus on the farm on Tuesday, the state will compensate the company. The normal operation of the farm in Koson will be resumed in May.

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