Rajchl (PRO): The Republic needs to get rid of incompetent amateurs as quickly as possible


02/01/2024 10:21 | From networks

A comment on his public Facebook profile about a meeting with former president Miloš Zeman


Hans Štembera

Description: Jindrich Rajchl

Yesterday I had the honor of meeting one of the two most prominent figures of the Czech political scene in the post-recession period, Mr. President Miloš Zeman. I really enjoyed the interview, which lasted more than an hour, because on an intellectual level and in terms of political outlook and life experiences, very few people can really match Mr. President.


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Of course, I also took to heart some very stimulating advice from a significantly more experienced statesman, which I will certainly transform into the strategy of our PRO party. We completely agreed that the Czech Republic needs to get rid of the incompetent amateurs who, by an unfortunate coincidence of events, found themselves in ministerial positions as quickly as possible, and that it is also necessary to give our country a clear national-conservative vision. Give her a Czech DIRECTION!

Of course, I keep some of the discussed topics to myself. After all, as Mr. President himself said – only a fool reveals his intentions to his opponent in advance. However, I am sure you will be pleasantly surprised.

The concentration of all those who care about the future of our country and who have had enough of the dilettantes in the Straka Academy continues successfully. I firmly believe that the end of this dark purple chapter of our modern history is near. We just have to all take action without distinction and finally overturn their wobbly chair.

Wenceslas Day – 23 March 2024! Everyone who cares about our country!

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